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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh! What a Feel! Rejuvenating Bytes Vitalize Veins!

Hello All

Just over with the launch of my new book, in the Delhi Book Fair! 

Thanks to you all for making my visit a real success. My latest one rocked the fair! But in all this, I was thoroughly grilled. Finishing the book at the eleventh hour, editing- reediting, painting the  cover and so on.. I was damned tired and needed something to rejuvenate myself. I had brought some books with me from the fair and thought it could rejuvenate my mind but I was wrong! 

As I started reading, my head throbbed and just then came this exhilarating invitation to review one of the Spas of one of the best chain of Spas of India- opened recently at Faridabad- Blue Terra!

 Blue Terra what a beautiful name! Expanse of Blueness- a picture of scenic blue waters of Mediterranean invades the mind!

Blue Terra about which I had read online and had gathered that this Spa is a contemporary day Spa providing luxury Spa services and managed by professionals from reputed institutes (IIT/IIM).

At the heart of Blue Terra Spa is the Zimbabwean proverb:
                                                "If you can walk, you can dance
                                                If you can talk, you can sing"

While talking to me, had murmured Kapil Dhameja, a pass out of IIT Delhi and IIM Kolkatta, the owner of this chain of Spas. And yes Kapil you have done it- you have proved that you can turn simple words into music! And I really like the way you have done it!

Actually when I heard the proverb, it made me to wonder 'Can Engineers be so  poetic?' But all my apprehensions were put to rest as I entered the Spa at about 11 A.M. today! The Spa was a complete poetry! You can say it  was a Poet's mind coupled with Professional apt. It was  lyrics put in a lyrical scale. 

Surely, I wanted to sing and forget all about the chaotic confusion of life! Interesting this Spa is embedded in the heart of Faridabad- sector 15 market  and still  very far from it! The experience here has to be actually felt and can not be described in few words!

As you enter the Spa, you are taken miles away from the never ending rush and worries of life.

 The hours spent here were no less than a beautiful ballad sung in some far off Hebrides- all alone with the environment and my Therapist Maii's, (a girl of about twenty from Mizoram )hands working on my body, releasing all tensions (as just before entering the room I had a kind of heated discussion with a person and I had become tensed).Yes I remembered  'The Solitary Reaper's' lines and I was sailing into some other world... away from worries- away from humdrum of life! Unbelievable, I was in one of the busiest market and yet so far from it!

 Maii My Wonderful Therapist
 The Gallery!
 The Rejuvenating Room!

When I had entered the Spa, I was shown a complete list of different Spas/Body Scrubs/Body Wraps etc etc. but I was advised to take Balinese Therapy. I have, had Swedish and Thai massages before, so I readily agreed for it. I wanted to experience something new. It was of luxurious 75 minutes. I was apprised that Balinese massage techniques are gentle and aim to make the patient feel relaxed and calm throughout. The techniques include skin folding, kneading, stroking,and other techniques. The massage therapist applies aromatherapy oil throughout the massage. A patient's blood, oxygen and energy flow is said to increase due to the treatment.

Actually before I had entered the Spa, I was somewhat skeptic, 'A Spa in Faridabad? How is it going to be? Will it be as good as the Delhi ones? Or they will just put the basic facilities as I have noticed happening in other renowned Salons/Parlors of Faridabad'. 

Big names and almost no facility- in fact they sometimes bring to you used disposable gowns for facials and hide the contents of hair spas which makes you suspicious of the ingredients being  used on your body and scalp in the name of 'Loreal' etc. And if demanded to show, they get angry! Since I am literate and aware of all these things, I snub them and ask curtly for fresh gowns and they show their inability to do so!  Anyways, Blue Terra proved all my apprehensions wrong. I had a lyrical, musical, wonderful time here.

After the Spa, the steam bath was refreshing really!

 Spa can be really beautiful @ Faridabad. My entire body and each vein was singing and as once again I entered the ocean of worries, I was dressed with an armor of 'Relaxation' with a final brush of green tea.

 Thank you Blue Terra, I will be a frequenter here :)

 Now I was like The Brook- 'I come from haunts of coot and hern, I make a sudden sally'- energetic and bubbly.
WEAK POINTS: In Fact they have given Faridabad the best gift it could ever have! Ashish at the Reception was good with Maii at my heed! As soon as I think of one, I'll add- don't worry :) Visit :  http://www.blueterra.in/spa-therapy/ayurveda.html 


Monday, August 19, 2013

A Preview-The Untold Story of Arundhati and The Black Emperor-The Sluttish Time-


“Future queen of Vatapi?” the old man’s eyes went wide with disbelief! His wife too had come very close to the bed. Any moment Pulksein could be there and Rageshwari wished they left the place as soon as possible.

“Yes future queen of Vatapi. Our king is madly in love with the lady with whom you are having the privilege to talk.

“So this is the reason, why you are avoiding us Arundhati” You have attained what you had always wanted to achieve.” the old man spoke with an angry tone.

 “Have you forgotten everything about your oath Arundhati?"
MEET THE AUTHOR : https://www.facebook.com/Rashmii.S


“Moreover, I must admit to you that in the wars you had ordered her to be abducted or to be killed. But I only had made it sure that she and her father were not harmed by our soldiers’, he continued in his defiant voice.

‘I took the advantage of your looks and dressed as you. This way I was able to save her from your soldiers or you can say our soldiers”. He was panting, revealing the truth.

“I saved her for myself brother, only for myself! And if you want you can punish me for this impudence of mine” Naganandhi spoke heaving, but this time, directly looking into his brother’s eyes, the expressions of his face changing speedily.

It seemed that there was a thunderclap and the palace had sunk into darkness again. Pulkasein II never in his wildest of dreams had imagined that his Buddhist Monk twin brother could ever fall in love. But he had fallen and that too with his bloody enemy’s beloved!

The most disturbing part was that he had cheated on him for love, to save his love, soaked in love..he had donned his attire!

FOR MORE UPDATES VISIT https://www.facebook.com/The.Sluttish.Time

Friday, August 16, 2013

They said it all!

Yesterday was quite hectic for me with varied and different kinds of family responsibilities sitting comfortably on my tired shoulders. But amidst all this I enjoyed the flavors of 67th Independence Day at Ryan International School, Faridabad.

 Oh! Lovely school, disciplined students and wonderful depiction of Independence, the difficulties faced by India and the cunning politicians of today! Nothing could have been better than this. 

Crisp and enjoyable programs with a very disciplined and charismatic Principal, Mrs Anju Uppal was really a blessing in disguise as I, opposite to this had expected something very monotonous !

One thing which amazed me was the versatility of the students, especially the younger ones- clean, clear and transparent like the Ganges water which emerges from 'Gangotri'- My heart just prayed  and hoped that in their path of growing up, they remain the same way and do not get poisonous with the different kinds of toxic cluttering their innocent lives! I just wished, despite of all odds they remain pure and fresh as the mango sapling which, these lovely happy children had gleefully got planted by me and be like the fresh small money plant creeper- (wealthy in all respects) gifted by the school which now smiles at the visitors of my apartment!
  I was also happy that these days the Institutions  prefer to invite authors, writers and other creative persons to motivate their students rather than politicians ! In fact I was happy to see that they are openly coming against the corrupt system and do not dwell in fear that the system can hamper them in any way. I could clearly read the silver lining of freedom from fear running amidst this splendid school. The pen has proved mightier than the sword. Thanks to our media!

 I was called as the Chief Guest to jingle into the tinkling hearts of these children. This 20th, I am again visiting the Astron Institute of Management and Technology in their convocation ceremony.

 Another thing which caught my attention was that there were no unnecessary speeches- instead the Management preferred  the real flavor and fervor of Independence to intoxicate all present and I must admit-it did! I was not able to disentangle myself from the mesmerizing and hypnotic environment..

I realized that these young minds knew almost everything about patriotism and martyrs- In fact they with their expressions had said everything- nothing was left for me! 

I felt that the only thing  required is, time to time servicing and over hauling of these young and fresh minds so that they keep themselves free from toxic clutters and develop into responsible citizens.

Jai Hind

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

‘Oh! She Is Just Another One…. Jiah’s pain unveiled’ by Rashmi Singh

Published On: Thu, Jun 13th, 2013@ Spectralhues.com

‘Oh! She Is Just Another One…. Jiah’s pain unveiled’ by Rashmi Singh


From many days I have been wanting to pen down my emotions on Jiah Khan’s suicide which has triggered many speculations. I have been busy writing my fifth book and a periodic fiction but taking out some time and shunning all speculations, I sat down to pour my heart’s lamentations. I want to very simply put down this fact that her suicide was the result of an emotionally disturbed simple girl with a simple heart. Although living in Bollywood, she could not adapt herself to the treacherous traumatic ways of it.  
Jiah KhanJiah’s suicide made it crystal clear that a woman’s emotion is same everywhere in all situations sans her upbringing, living conditions, material comforts etc. 
 As I am writing this piece, my Cook came with a cup of tea for me and asked me to show ‘the photo of the heroine who has committed suicide’! She connects herself to Jiah and questions why did she commit suicide when she was so rich? My maid thinks if she was in Jiah’s position, she would have had a rocking life and perhaps she would never think of ending her life which she often does these days!  I question her back, ‘Do you want to end your life because you are poor or because you are being tortured by your husband?’ She pauses for few seconds and replies reflectively, with certain bitterness in her tone. ‘Because I am tortured-because he goes to other woman and uses my body as well’.  
‘Oh the same problem everywhere- in all strata of society’ I thought. ‘Emotions playing heavily on the minds of all women and these women pay heavily as they are not able to segregate themselves from their relationships. All these women desperately want their men (who often do not deserve them) to be around them. Jiah too could not forget and comprehend how the same boy can change after sending her roses etc and wooing her in the most romantic manner.  As I read somewhere she had an abortion too. What else can we think of her than a complete emotional fool? She was connected and attached to her state of romance from where she was not able to pull herself and accept life-accept that change is inevitable- accept that men in all eras have been the same. Their love fizzles out as their craving for the body after who they were lusting dwindles.
Jiah alias Nafisa Khan had completely buried herself in ‘that time’ when she had been wooed by her boyfriend and could not tolerate his slightest negligence. She took this relationship seriously unawares that her boyfriend still has to make his career and in no way can opt for marriage.
25-year-old Bollywood actress Jiah Khan committed suicide at her apartment on June 04Parents leave children to pursue their dreams, as Jiah’s mother has said in an interview. But why do parents forget that children are always children and need their constant counselling- constant love. Jiah committed suicide when she was all alone in her house. Her career was not going well. Mother was busy with her younger sister’s wedding and she had no one to talk to except her boyfriend who was also getting busy… Please parents’ being an actor is not an easy job or profession. Even a small job has lots of mental pressure- school and college life has so much pressure then the heroine Jiah’s life in all respect seemed to be extremely troubled.
I think every woman in her life to some extent undergoes this kind of pressure. I have read at many places that suicide is not the only option but how much blabbering and preaching we may do, we are not there with that person who at that time is undergoing the mental turmoil and takes the decision to end  his/her life. Yes Jiah was emotional and love meant everything for her- she dreamed love- she breathed love…. and she went to her final abode for her love…
Few lines for the departed soul
“I drink the poisonous goblet thinking it to be wine….
My throat burns, my limbs fail- the poison looms large stinging my mind…..
Intoxication fails and I am still alive…
I touch the droplets of blood and feel… feel the strength they have
Dark clouds melt into bloody tears…
the fog continues… and I am still alive….”
Author Rashmi SinghJiah, you will be always alive…. alive in our minds… We can never forget you…bon voyage.
(Sources: information gathered from television, and different print media.)
About the Author: Rashmi Singh is the famous and successful author of internationally acclaimed books like Love’s Journey, Taming the Restless Mind, Back to School@ 30 and The Fallen Love. She is an active blogger and a
columnist too.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rocking Invitation@ Afternoon at Four Fountains Spa

Rush, Rash, Running.. Past few days have been really hectic but the invitation to have a refreshing Spa and review it made my day.... Ooops but the day to review it somehow got delayed due to various reasons..

Though I had got this invitation almost a month back but I wasn't very much keen to have it as I have been really too busy with my books, classes and various meetings.  

Now, as the vacations are approaching, you can say, I am little less busy and stressed (not free exactly).

 I am writing my fifth book and 3rd fiction- a Romantic Historical one and wanted a break and  hence decided to visit one of the Spas of Four Fountains which had extended its warm invitation. They were very warm and wanted me to have it in any of their Centres  in India.

Now, I would like you to know  why at the first place, I wasn't very keen to accept this invite! It was because my experience till now in the matter of hygiene, cleanliness and relaxation have not been very good in many of the branded salons and parlours... and I took this Spa also to be one amongst them but I was grievously mistaken!

 In Foot Reflexology Room :)
 @ Spa Room :))
Reception of Four Fountains Gurgaon
But at Four Fountains, the experience was mind blowing. Ohh! I felt so relaxed after taking Summer Splash Spa with Swedish Massage Strokes. The ambiance was Super and Dr Meenu with her team very cordial! 

They took care of all my needs and gave a refreshing afternoon.

Over all all I can say, it is a great Spa Centre with  elite class facilites. In fact, I was stunned when they showed me their price list. The spas are not at all expensive and quite affordable! So everyone once in a while can go for them and burst their stress!

Negative bytes: Can't think any: Don't want to stress myself by unnecessarily criticising!!

 Always looking forward to visit it again:)

Monday, May 13, 2013

You Made Me Special!


My daughter made a lovely homemade cake for me. I was bought emotionally by her. She is busy with her entrance exams but still she didn't forget to make me feel special! Love u bachha log :))

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rashmi Singh Author (Biography)

  Rashmi Singh Author (Biography) 
 AS PUBLISHED ON 18th Feb 2013 @  http://matpal.com
Rashmi Singh is a Faridabad based successful author, best known for her novel, Love’s Journey, published by Pustak Mahal in 2011.

Rashmi Singh is a multi faceted genius. She is a columnist, writer, poetess, blogger, motivator, excellent portrait painter, and a very successful author. Her blogs, with write ups on self improvement and beautiful poems can be found on Riviera, and Lost Tranquility which is visible in the Asia section of an International website http://news.net

Originally she belongs to Patna and is the first woman writer from Bihar to write English fictions and self help books. Having done her initial schooling from Notre Dame Academy, Patna, she passed her I.C.S.E. exams from Loreto Convent, Ranchi. Later she graduated in Political Science from Patna Women’s College (Avila Convent). Singh was also the elected Joint Secretary of her college but as she belonged to a conservative royal Rajput family, she was married quite early and with marriage came endless responsibilities, curbing her talents and her expressions to define herself. During school days, she would spend hours after the dismissal to practice dramas but all such expressions were shut upon her after marriage. They only then found space in her diaries, which she never left writing. Rashmi initially tried to curb her expressions and wanted to live life as any other housewife but her hidden talents could not be forever subjugated.

She continued to pursue her studies after marriage. She had to face extreme difficult situations but successfully completed her post graduation in Political Science from Vinoba Bhave University (Hazaribag), where her husband was then posted as a Telecom District Manager. Thereafter, she did Masters in Business
Administration (Human Resources, IGNOU) and also secured a Certificate of Teaching English (CTE) from IGNOU. Problems of life could never deter her. There were breaks in her life but after every break, she emerged even stronger and resilient.

A passionate writer, Rashmi Singh has taught English at Senior Secondary level in various renowned schools across India, like St. Mary’s Senior Secondary Convent

(Moradabad), K.C.M. School (Moradabad), Mt Carmel School (Hazaribag), Amar Singh Children’s School (Gorakhpur). She has been associated with Manav Rachna Schools, Faridabad, and GBN School, Faridabad as a Counsellor and a Personality Development Trainer. She had been also the honorary member of Central School’s Teachers Selection Committee (Moradabad). The most interesting part of her teaching career has been till yet that in every Institution, she was offered the post first, employed and then was asked to submit her certificates. People were generally enamored by her scintillating innocent personality, coupled with intelligence.

This strong willed writer has written four books. Two fictions, Love’s Journey (Pustak Mahal) and The Fallen Love(Pigeon Books), and two self help books, Taming the Restless Mind and Back to School@30, both published by Pustak Mahal Publishers. Love’s Journey is already a big hit and Taming the Restless Mind has found its place in World catalogue(CAT).

Love’s Journey was conceptualized almost a decade back when she had to leave her studies to look after her family, but finally the book got its true shade in 2011. Rashmi always believed in life’s positivity and though several times being mentally disturbed, she sprang back on the platform of life with flying colours.
Being a true motivator, Singh thus wrote the self help books to help others from her experiences of life. Writing quenches her incessant thirst of knowledge and emotions.

She has been highly acclaimed for delving into human minds and breathing life to the characters of her novels. Her novels can be termed bold, but she has the courage to peep into the dark corners of human mind. Her fifth book and a historical fiction about a yesteryear’s ruler’s reign, power, lust and passion is expected early next year.

Rashmi Singh has two children, son Apurva Nandan and a daughter Ayushree Nandan.

Her books can be bought from:

http://www.flipkart.com/author/rashmi-singh (Top 4 books)

http://www.uread.com/author/rashmi-singh (Top 4 books)



Thursday, January 17, 2013

TT Epaper
The Telegraph
TT Photogallery

Her pen does the talking

From being a soft-skill and personality development trainer to becoming an author — how did
 it all happen?
Writing has always been my first love. In fact, my blogs — Riviera and Lost Tranquility — depict my
 passion for writing. When I got married, I stopped planning my life, as things didn’t work out the
 way I wanted. But when I didn’t plan, I just found things falling into place. I was barely a graduate
 when I got married and was clueless about how I could establish myself professionally. However, luck
 favoured me and I became a teacher and taught at many prestigious schools across India. While
 teaching in schools, I was constantly counseling the students. Hence I developed an acute sense
 of analysing different individuals. This way, from counseling, I took to personality development training.
 But writing didn’t leave my side. It was like my best friend, who always stayed by me in my ups and downs
. I wrote my feelings continuously in my diaries and eventually it transformed into books.
Are the characters in your book inspired by the people you have met?
Well, honestly they are most of the time. I study and relate to people and everything around me,
 including animals, very easily and quickly. Sometimes, articles in newspapers or magazines too
influence my writing. Pain, pleasure, joy, fear and all other emotions experienced by a person
 come alive in my novels. Probably, this is why critics praise the portrayal of the characters in my fiction.
Tell us about your books Back to School@30, Taming the Restless Mind, Love’s Journey
 and The Fallen Love.
Back to School@30 is a self-help book for people in 30s and beyond. This book is meant to help a
 person organise and manage one’s relationships. Taming the Restless Mind is also a self-help book
for the youth and their fears and problems, like sexual myths, dating, divorce, pay packages,
 emotional stability and others. Love’s Journey and The Fallen Love are fiction. Love’s Journey is
 my debut book and very close to my heart. It is a story of Christian girl, who loses her parents in a
 communal riot. She undergoes the trials of destiny in the form of four lovers, who teach her
different meanings of love. She becomes an unwed mother and finally makes it big in the film industry.
The Fallen Love revolves around the veiled crimes in our society. Critics found it fast-paced and
 interesting, but the depiction of sex life of a character didn’t go down well with some… but this is my style.
Tell us a bit about your school and college days in Patna.
I was in Notre Dame Academy from preparatory till Class VII. It was not just a school, it was like a
family to me. Every sister and teacher was responsible in grooming me and nurturing my outlook towards
 life. Since I stayed close to the school, I have lot of happy memories that I cherish till date. Whether it was
 taking part in one-act plays, school fete to other extracurricular activities, they helped me become what
 I am today. NDA personifies Keats’ poem, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever, it never passes into
 nothingness’. I passed my ICSE from Loreto Convent, Ranchi, and here I blossomed as an excellent
speaker as I won the best speaker award from the Ram Krishna Mission Society consecutively for three
years. I did my graduation from Patna Women’s College (Avila Convent). Marriage saw break in my
studies, but I did my CTE, MA, MBA afterwards. It has been a real tough journey, but as they say
 where there is a will there is a way! (smiles)
Who are the writers you love reading? Whom do you consider the most promising among the
 contemporary writers?
I love reading Jane Austen, Arthur Hailey, Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steele. Among Indian writers
and poets, I have read Rabindranath Tagore, Premchand, Shivani, Amrita Pritam, Dinkar,
Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Gandhi, Nehru and many more. Among contemporary writers I
find Chitra Bannerjee Devakaruni as one of the most promising Indian writer. She has a very gripping
style of narration.
What challenges did you face while writing?
Challenges are in every field. Without challenges, I feel achievements hold no meaning. Being a woman
writer, I am very bold in my depiction of characters and don’t compromise on it. At first, I was a little
scared, how my
 friends and family would react. But after reading, all hailed my style of writing. The next big challenge was
 to find a  publisher (phew!), especially for a fiction! I was initially laughed at for entering the literary scene late,
 but now my success has made my critics dumb! But over all I feel, a woman faces challenges throughout her life.
How has been the readers’ response?
It has been overwhelming! Everyday, I get many fan mails and messages on Facebook praising my
 writing and asking how I have become so popular within such a short span of time. I am really thankful
 to God for this and also my readers, who love and criticise me at the same time. The readers of Bihar
 and UP are extremely elated that a ‘saleable’ woman writer from their area, who writes in English, has
arrived on the literary scene.
Your books are based on relationships. Do you feel relationships are becoming flimsy these days?
I do. My book Taming the Restless Mind deals with similar problems. Materialistic approach has taken the
 front seat and emotions are dying. Internet has made life easier, but has made relationships complicated.
Youth these days, even before reaching their 20s have almost 20 break ups. Consequently, this affects their
 marital lives later.
Was your family supportive when you decided to write? Do you feel early marriage is a 
hindrance to a girl’s career aspirations?
Despite having a rich legacy in writing, no one in my family had thought that one day I would become a
 writer, except my father. My great grandfather had written Rasik Manoranjan, but a girl from our family
 writing was not expected! My husband had made it clear to me from the very beginning that he had
 not married a ‘working woman’. He told me that all I have to do is look good and take care of my family.
 But with passage of time, he realised that talent could not be hidden and he let me do what I wanted.
 My children are very encouraging and feel proud of me. However, the unconditional support of
 my sister-in-law and brother and the determination that my late mother inculcated in me made me a writer.
 Otherwise till now I would have been just writing diaries. (Laughs). I want to tell all parents not to get
their daughters married early and curb their talents. Not everyone can fight with destiny as I have done.
 Let them grow and spread their charm around. Early marriage can in fact create more problems.
When publishers reject your book do you feel let down?
Well obviously! It is very disheartening. But then I give a ‘pat’ on my back say ‘It’s alright Rashmi, failures
are the pillars to success’. I heard that many renowned authors too had been rejected umpteenth time!
 I take inspiration from them and surge ahead again with more vigour! I know many good publishers
who are open to my non-fictions, but don’t want to publish a fiction. After Love’s Journey I had a
 tough time finding a publisher, but Pigeon Books has always been open to all my fictions.
Do you believe in “formula” writing (award-winning and bestseller books) that will earn you
 more fame?
No, if this had been the criterion then I would not have turned down a lucrative offer to write a ‘masala book’!
The Fallen Love had lot of a lot of sleaze, which according to me is the depiction of crude truth of our society.
 However, on the basis of this, some publishers thought they could ask me to pen down sensational books,
but when they approached me I refused. I want to get my name engraved in the minds of the readers as
 genuine writer and not as one of disgraceful books.
As a Bihari were you ever looked down upon? Do you want to base any novel on Bihar?
I have been never looked down upon as such, and I am grateful to my parents for this as they gave me the
 best possible education available then. But yes, I have heard this, “Do you really belong to Bihar?
You neither look, nor behave or speak like them?” At that time, I just wanted to scratch their face
(humanly feeling!) but controlled my temper. I wasn’t able to understand why there was so much antagonism?
Biharis are looked down upon in Mumbai. We forget we are Indians at large!
We fight on petty issues of being Bihari, Gujarati,
Punjabi and overlook serious problems of our society. Yes, I do want to base my novel on Bihar. Both my
 fictions have incidents and scenes from Bihar. In fact, protagonists in both the novels — Jennifer Sebastian
and Rohan Dixit — belong to Bihar.
Your life must have changed in more ways than one with your fingers in many pies? How do 
you juggle work and personal life?
Well, my life has changed for sure. But I believe that if a person wants he or she can achieve anything.
Coaching takes half of my time and I do freelance training as well. I write during the night and the break
I get between my two jobs. Obviously, I have to look after home and children and I become tensed at times.
But I try to maintain my cool. I am a very organised and plan my day-to-day routine. So, I don’t have
 much time for friends. My life revolves around my work and my family.
What is the piece of advice you want to give to upcoming writers?
Please don’t resort to a spicy and eye-popping recipe to get instant success. I also advise them to listen to
 their heart while writing and not the mind. I say this because mind is very practical and heart has feelings, which is important for being a genuine writer.
What are your future projects? Do you want to script for films as well?
My next book is a historical fiction, based on a dancer of Chalukyan King Pulkasein II’s era
(610AD-643AD). This is a very intense fiction, which is again based on relationships and emotions
 like infatuation, love, treachery,
 conquests, wars, lust, acquisition, hate and finally repentance. This story is very close to my heart and I
 have done a lot of research. It takes you to a whirlwind tour of events of a forgotten girl’s life and her
 relationship with a king. I am open to everything. I believe ‘One’s script is already written by
‘Him’’ who is sitting up there. If scripting for films has to come my way, it will definitely come.
 Otherwise I will always try to carve out something new!

Monday, January 14, 2013

But They Are Just Juveniles… Juvenile Animals! by Rashmi Singh

Published On: Mon, Jan 14th, 2013

But They Are Just Juveniles… Juvenile Animals! by Rashmi Singh

“MIND OF A MAN is always active and fabricating
something. Even in its hibernation, it creates imaginative
zones, arenas where it ventures whenever it has time or
will to do so” Taming the Restless Mind.
Juvenile-Justice-Act in IndiaSo many thoughts are invading my mind these days. I have been also blamed for thinking from a woman’s point of view- fighting only for a woman’s cause. But I would let all to know, I am not a Feminist. In my fiction, ‘The Fallen Love’, I fought for the protagonist Rohan Dixit. All I want to say, I can’t tutor my heart. It is my heart which decides, which way I have to sail- it is my heart which feels the pain and associates itself with pain of the masses. And these days my mind and heart both have decided not to be practical.
There are so many areas to be ventured into, but my poor desolate mind gets stationed at one point-I am not able to forget the barbarous act of the Delhi Gang Rape. Though I know this that ‘it’ is not the only heinous incident happening around us as everyday news of revolting, abhorrent, unspeakable sexual abuse on small children, especially girls are being reported. I am then made to think that these children were too small to wear any provocative dress then why they were brutally assaulted? I am not able to retrieve my numb senses which are somewhere lost in the mass pain of all the mothers beating their breasts and lamenting, waiting for justice which has lost its path in the foggy, gloomy road of offensive selfishness.
 When justice in the Delhi Gang Rape is moving at snail’s speed even with the entire country coming forward in unison to protest against the apathy of administration, Government and people on road, then how can we expect that a child being murdered and sexually assaulted in a remote corner of any remote village gets her/his justice? How can we expect the child’s mother to breathe a single sigh of relief and believe that though her child, quartered by the fangs of animals hidden in our society, has meted with fair judgment and the culprit animals have been chained and lashed publicly! But if a proposal of such kind is made i.e. to publicly hang the culprits, then the Spokesperson of Human Rights would float on the scene, saying ‘if they are animals, we can’t become one!’ Okay then sit back in the comfort zones of your home and watch your children being snatched by the demons. Don’t kill these inhuman wretches. Fight for the ‘Human Rights’ of ‘Animals’. Try to make them human and while trying to do so let the ‘so called civilized jungle of humans’ breed more such animals to devour the innocents.
By deeds such culprits are hard core animals but when the time of justice comes, they are either ‘A Juvenile’ or ‘A Human’ who can’t be punished in full view of public. In fact they can’t be even given the punishment which they deserve due to their criminal pervert acts as they are juvenile!
We all expect a mother to brave the words of her dying daughter. The brave daughter  told her how the juvenile animal had inserted and pushed a rod into her up till her ribs, yanking it out with her intestines, lecherously shouting ‘mar saali’! This mother only wants justice, no money, nothing else! This mother’s mind fails to understand that how can a person doing such deed be a child?? She asks us all this question and huddles under old blanket in a cot. But we are humans and we have to behave like one! And even if animals rape and kill our children, the law expects us to be patient, calm and behave like humans and lets the Juveniles behave like animals!
Rashmi Singh AuthorWe all know that law can be changed but only if those in power want to change…. The discussion is going on… The talks are going on… We are just silent Spectators, waiting and watching. Watching when breaths of all the grieving mothers would come to halt….with justice…or with long wait laced with injustice becoming their graves….
About the Author: Rashmi Singh is the author of famous books Love’s Journey, The Fallen Love, Taming the Restless Mind and Back to School @30. She is also a Personality Development-Soft Skills Trainer, Counselor based at Faridabad. Follow Rashmi Singh @ goodsread or https://www.facebook.com/Rashmii.S