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Friday, May 14, 2010

Love, Lust And Life

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Thank you once again for the keenness shown for an Indian Writer.
This post is going to be  short and crisp.
I hope it will be liked .

What Is Life?
The Perception of life varies from person to person in different eras.Life holds many twisted,hidden as well as straightforward meanings. It is a crossword puzzle which sometimes is so easy to solve and at times remains unsolved for ages-the more we delve into it,the more lost we get. BUT WE ARE HERE TO STAY  AND NOT TO GET LOST.ONE SUCH SITUATION IS TO GET ENTANGLED IN THE MESH OF LOVE AND LUST AND LOSE A BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP WHILE SEGREGATING THEM.

I am here discussing two major ingredients of life-love and lust.
The meaning of lust and love is very complicated and intertwined. LOVE surely is of many types i.e.love between siblings ,parents and their children, a ruler and his people BUT THE MOST COMMONLY DISCUSSED is the love between a lover and his beloved.It is generally believed that love is found on a platform which is poles apart from lust. YES TO SOME EXTENT IT IS TRUE BUT ONLY TO SOME EXTENT. Pure LUST is surely a thing commonly found in animals or  animals like humans BUT I have seen that animals who show their lust so vehemently too sometimes have strong affection for their partners.Actually projection of PURE LUST is a trait of an animal and humans who do so are after all not humans but REAL ANIMALS OF STONE AGE. SO WE MUST SHUN ANIMAL LUST-- NOT LUST SEQUINED WITH PEARLS OF LOVE.

BUT LOVE AND LUST CANNOT BE SEGREGATED,THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE-AGREE WITH ME OR DISAGREE. If two people are in love, respect and care for each other,exhibiting passion synonymous to lust is not at all vile.I simply cannot understand  how thinkers keep these two aspects on  different platforms.For them the idea should be to ban lust in objectionable situations-situations where humans cross their boundary to display forceful lust in forced situations-if the lust is not forced and exists between two people, it is an art of love.I agree love is divine-this means- its feeling is divine but at some point it takes the form of beautiful lust i.e.passion- which yearns for love and to yearn or crave for love is not wrong at all-the gods too would stand and vouch for it.WE ARE HUMANS-LETS LIVE LIKE ONE.LETS NOT FORCE OURSELVES ON OTHERS BUT AT THE SAME TIME DO NOT CURB THE PASSIONATE FEELINGS SYNONYMOUS TO LOVE IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP OTHERWISE AN ASPECT OF LIFE WILL REMAIN VACANT.



NealVassall水慧 said...
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Shas said...

Its difficult to segregate the two. Some amount of both is required. But there is an invisible line which separates the two but don't really know where it starts or ends coz its so subtle.

Raja said...

Very introspective and very well written

rashmi singh said...

thanx shas and raja for going thru and appreciating my post:)