'Power of Mind' by Rashmi

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Author Interview- Rashmi Singh

RP: What is the core premise of your latest release- ‘The Memsaheb?
RS: To take my readers on a journey unexplored. Common love stories, like, ‘I love you’ types can be written by anyone and being light reads, these sell well also but my heart’s desire is unique- my heart ventures on those paths which are not thoroughfares. ‘The Memsaheb’ leads you to a picturesque journey of a Nawab’s Kingdom. The evolution of a very young girl into ‘The Memsaheb’ and hidden dark stories in every crack and fissures of Indian Palaces making you want more- this is the core promise of this book. Every minute details of survival is captured. Being a racy read, it leaves you in a whirlwind of emotions.

RP: Is it a real story or a fiction? Did such a Memsaheb exist?
RS: The story starts from a real incident which happened in November 1913 at Mangadh hills where thousands of Bhils were killed. It can be called a fiction intricately woven around some gruesome real incidents. But you’ll have to read the book to know about its passion quotient.  I never compromise with my writing flair and what society will say! The book will leave you breathless!

RP: Does criticism or a negative feedback affect your writing process?
RS: In fact it makes me happy because criticism and negative feedback means that I and my work have been noticed! There’s another advantage- if it is an honest feedback, you come to know of your loopholes. But if it is done intentionally, then also I am happy that someone out there is jealous of me- this means I am successful. Tell me- is anyone bothered about a dead tiger?

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