'Power of Mind' by Rashmi

Monday, October 15, 2012

Why Me? Back to School@30 by Rashmi Singh

Yes, I cannot deny that the ‘obvious thought’ was there – ‘Why me?’ But there is no answer to this question. Why life pulls you down and bestows others with luck has no answer. I also, instead of wasting my time, getting aggressive and blaming others paved a creative path for myself. I realized, that time never waits for anyone and I have to make the most of it. Sometimes I was laughed upon as many felt I was just wasting my time in going ahead with my studies. Sometimes, I was purposely disparaged and insulted so that I lose my energy to achieve what I want. And it is not that I didn’t feel a ‘setback’ or ‘felt frustrated’, I felt like ending my life too but never became outrageous.

But ending one’s life is also not any solution. No one is there to cry after you are gone. For few days people remember you but the need to sustain and existence overpowers the emotions of those who were once so near to you and almost dependent on you. Hence I realized, Life is to be lived – in any case it is to be lived. So why not make it meaningful. Believe it or not, there are forces in this world which help you if you are determined. I had not only been mentally quashed but was physically harmed too. But now what is the end result. I am here writing for you all to come back in the main stream of life with a determination that never was.But the thirst to gain knowledge didn’t dry out in my heart – It became a perennial quest. And I succeeded. 
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