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Saturday, September 1, 2012


A little effort done towards the betterment of society

When I was a kid, my friends use to bring an attractive slam book to get it filled from us. There was a column of “Your best feeling________” and I always wrote “the day I was born or the day when my mom bought me a gift ….”

But now, as I have grown up, my best feeling is not related to me, it’s related to my own country INDIA. Recently, I was really impressed when I switched on my so called” Idiot box” which I realized is actually not an idiot when shows like “Satyamev Jayate” are telecasted.

 I t has done a whole lot of research about the issues to be discussed in the show, be it the successful cases, unsuccessful cases, action taken by the police and courts, existing laws and the amendments required  in the constitution of India.

I’m a big fan of this show. The issues highlighted so far include female foeticide, child sex abuse, dowry, fraud committed by doctors and so on. Though I see all the episodes but I was completely mesmerized when I saw the dowry episode.

In India we spend so much of our emotions, time and money towards marriage .But do we actually spend all of this “towards” marriage?? In fact we concentrate all of these resources not on our marriage but on our wedding day.
“Bade dhoom dhaam se shaadi” is probably one of the most common phrase in India. Everything is just focused on “the event” of marriage. Sometimes we simply choose the “khaandaan” the family, or the aura surrounding the family and not the individual himself or herself. “My daughter is going to marry so and so’s son” .We tend to focus, not on the groom or bride but the label attached to him or her.

Just think about it – can a relationship, built on the foundation of greed and money, ever be beautiful? I don’t think so. I think a girl should be so accomplished and independent that she is capable to craft her own future and is master of her own happiness. She should marry somebody who respects her and is worthy of her. These are my views on the topic of dowry or marriage which are truly inspired from the show “Satyamev Jayate”.

I was really elated when finally I could see a person in front of me (Aamir Khan) who has the courage to be true to the people and who actually looks forward for raising awareness amongst us and curb the problems which act as a hindrance in the development of India. Lastly in the words of Mr. Aamir Khan “We are neither a judge nor a court to announce anything, we just show the common man, the misdeeds being performed around us with the help of some true stories”. I feel amazed when I see a real “reality show” like this.

Sanya Gulihar, XII, Apeejay Faridabad, 2012-13session

A FRIEND - i can't wait to meet

        " Never take a person for granted, hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realise that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones."
A friend in need is a friend indeed. We meet so many people in the duration of our lifetime. We have our childhood friends, our school friends, and now we have our FaceBook and Twitter friends. They all have a part in our lives. Everyone leaves an imprint on our soul. Some people even wonder how I can be close to others even if I have not seen them in years or have not really been in contact. In some cases, I have not met them . I guess it is a matter of chance and the bond that we have formed that holds the friendship together.

But if, we would think for a second our life without a friend, then? Then we would awake with the shock of our life that how, how can i not have a friend, or how i could spend a day without a friend. I wonder why this is shocking?

For someone a friend is just a helper or a simple person who is used just beng used by others. But for me ,  a friend is a person with whom i try to make strong connections for a better bonding and understanding. A person about whom we were not knowing anything and even didn't care to know about, now, wants to know each and everything. We want that friend to be with us when we are enjoying the most or going through hard time.

We start up with "Hi!" on messages and in a span of time end up with " Miss You and Love You!! 
 " During all this, a turning point comes when our very own dear friend separates with us. Usually we start making friends during school time but on the last day our school "FAREWELL", we all dread to think that after a month " Will we ever be able to meet again?" and this reminds me of a song " yeh dosti hum nahi todengey......"

Finally, a time comes when we miss all those cherished moments spent with our friends like sharing of tiffins, teasing each other with the name of hottest girl or the coolest boy in the school :D and many more. As soon as, we come up with the news that our very own friend is coming back we suddenly become enthusiastic and our monotonous life becomes a lively and cheerful life.

All this reminds us of our past and bring tears in our eyes and lots of smiles on our face.

"Real Friends Are Always Going To Be Thereby Your Side, Even At Times,WhennYou All Tell Them To Leave"

Surbhi Gupta Apeejay,  Faridabad, Std XII 2012-13 Session.

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