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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Charmers!

Signs of Charmers: 
1. They are stinking rich (actually may not be but pretend to be one).   2. Well read, glib talker and an eloquent speaker. 3. Mesmerizing voice. 4.Well dressed according to the occasion and extremely well behaved to ladies

 Recently on Sunanda Pushkar's death, some one tweeted, celebrities suffer depression because they are stinking rich and have no other thing to invest into, so they start investing in something as 'depression.' If their stomachs were not filled, they would be thankfully away from being depressed!

Why the underprivileged die of known diseases than dying with something vague as depression. Recently it was tremendously faced by Angelina Jolie. These celebrities die in 5 star hotels. My full respect and sympathies  to Pushkar but I am bound to ponder about this fact. You can die of stress but not of depression as students sometimes commit suicide after failing to secure well in exams.

The post mortem results still has to come but the tweets made by Sunanda can not be said to be of good taste! She was having problems with her marriage due to Mehr Trar, a Pakistani jurno- true but she was knowing that she was no 'Miss Nobody.' Even if Shobha De believes that she was always a 'Pushkar' but her name had a 'Tharoor' too! This is the rule of the Patriarchal society. Why Shobha too has a 'De' in her name though being so heavily independent. She is not carrying a 'Rajadhakhshya!'   De believes finally she is set free. But had she really wanted to be free?

For Pushkar, this 'Tharoor' business was too cumbersome to carry. Maybe she wanted to open up some hidden secrets, maybe she wasn't happy, maybe she killed herself, maybe she was escalated to suicide or maybe she was after all murdered! But one thing is clear as crystal, 'Tharoor' was too  heavy a name for a 'Pushkar' to carry! Before being bound to it, she should have weighed the pros and cons as she has been continuously wading in riches and tasting flavors of super high society!

My serious advise to all women- stay away from all the Charmers- married or unmarried!

 P.S. some views:

 "Indicating the argument on January 16 night may have turned violent, doctors who conducted the autopsy on Saturday on Sunanda said she had injury marks on her body. But doctors are yet to officially state the nature of injuries." http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2014-01-19/india/46346102_1_sunanda-pushkar-shashi-tharoor-delhi-airport
"Rohit Kochhar, who works with a Dubai-based law firm, said, "We spoke last on January 14. I called her from Dubai. She was in a Trivandrum hospital for some tests. She had been diagnosed with tuberculosis of the liver. She was put on new medicines, to which her body was not used. She was hardly eating."
Sunanda suffered from Lupus -- an autoimmune disease that attacks healthy tissues -- and often spoke of a "sinking feeling". "When she was unwell she couldn't eat. But when she was hungry she could eat like a horse," said her friend Sridevi Badiga, who runs a financial services company in Dubai.
Sunanda was in Goa from December 28 to January 3 with Badiga. "We shared the same room in Goa except one day — on New Year's eve — when Shashi (Tharoor) joined us. Often, we couldn't go out as she would be ill and unable to get out of bed," said Badiga." http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Sunanda-Pushkar-was-extremely-unwell-say-close-friends/articleshow/29073962.cms

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