'Power of Mind' by Rashmi

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Ultimate Bond!

Amidst speculations and spectacular media coverage of Sunanda Pushakar's death, one thing has clearly come to forefront- she was a woman of millions! Everyone has a part of demon in him or her. Who is so clear, who has taken birth on this planet? The evil drops are there in everyone- it maybe just few drops or maybe in form of oceans, But it is certainly there! Admit or run away but can't deny it in your silence.

Being a human, means you are being evil at some point of your life. Being humane means your are trying to do away with the demons of your lives! You give alms to get alms...

Agree or do not agree to my words and my thoughts but you'll have to agree that Sunanda was a doting mother, who never hid her son for her glamor sake- who never ever for a moment dreamed of living without her only child borne by her second husband Sujit Menon who died in an accident in 1997 when Shiv Menon her son was only 4. Since then Sunanda has been both a mother and a father to her son who wants to make big someday in Bollywood.

So all this shit about Sunanda wanting her freedom or rather is a free spirit is a garbage bag of sick minds as she could have never ever have wanted to be free of her son. May this mother sees her son's dreams come live one day!


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