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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh! What a Feel! Rejuvenating Bytes Vitalize Veins!

Hello All

Just over with the launch of my new book, in the Delhi Book Fair! 

Thanks to you all for making my visit a real success. My latest one rocked the fair! But in all this, I was thoroughly grilled. Finishing the book at the eleventh hour, editing- reediting, painting the  cover and so on.. I was damned tired and needed something to rejuvenate myself. I had brought some books with me from the fair and thought it could rejuvenate my mind but I was wrong! 

As I started reading, my head throbbed and just then came this exhilarating invitation to review one of the Spas of one of the best chain of Spas of India- opened recently at Faridabad- Blue Terra!

 Blue Terra what a beautiful name! Expanse of Blueness- a picture of scenic blue waters of Mediterranean invades the mind!

Blue Terra about which I had read online and had gathered that this Spa is a contemporary day Spa providing luxury Spa services and managed by professionals from reputed institutes (IIT/IIM).

At the heart of Blue Terra Spa is the Zimbabwean proverb:
                                                "If you can walk, you can dance
                                                If you can talk, you can sing"

While talking to me, had murmured Kapil Dhameja, a pass out of IIT Delhi and IIM Kolkatta, the owner of this chain of Spas. And yes Kapil you have done it- you have proved that you can turn simple words into music! And I really like the way you have done it!

Actually when I heard the proverb, it made me to wonder 'Can Engineers be so  poetic?' But all my apprehensions were put to rest as I entered the Spa at about 11 A.M. today! The Spa was a complete poetry! You can say it  was a Poet's mind coupled with Professional apt. It was  lyrics put in a lyrical scale. 

Surely, I wanted to sing and forget all about the chaotic confusion of life! Interesting this Spa is embedded in the heart of Faridabad- sector 15 market  and still  very far from it! The experience here has to be actually felt and can not be described in few words!

As you enter the Spa, you are taken miles away from the never ending rush and worries of life.

 The hours spent here were no less than a beautiful ballad sung in some far off Hebrides- all alone with the environment and my Therapist Maii's, (a girl of about twenty from Mizoram )hands working on my body, releasing all tensions (as just before entering the room I had a kind of heated discussion with a person and I had become tensed).Yes I remembered  'The Solitary Reaper's' lines and I was sailing into some other world... away from worries- away from humdrum of life! Unbelievable, I was in one of the busiest market and yet so far from it!

 Maii My Wonderful Therapist
 The Gallery!
 The Rejuvenating Room!

When I had entered the Spa, I was shown a complete list of different Spas/Body Scrubs/Body Wraps etc etc. but I was advised to take Balinese Therapy. I have, had Swedish and Thai massages before, so I readily agreed for it. I wanted to experience something new. It was of luxurious 75 minutes. I was apprised that Balinese massage techniques are gentle and aim to make the patient feel relaxed and calm throughout. The techniques include skin folding, kneading, stroking,and other techniques. The massage therapist applies aromatherapy oil throughout the massage. A patient's blood, oxygen and energy flow is said to increase due to the treatment.

Actually before I had entered the Spa, I was somewhat skeptic, 'A Spa in Faridabad? How is it going to be? Will it be as good as the Delhi ones? Or they will just put the basic facilities as I have noticed happening in other renowned Salons/Parlors of Faridabad'. 

Big names and almost no facility- in fact they sometimes bring to you used disposable gowns for facials and hide the contents of hair spas which makes you suspicious of the ingredients being  used on your body and scalp in the name of 'Loreal' etc. And if demanded to show, they get angry! Since I am literate and aware of all these things, I snub them and ask curtly for fresh gowns and they show their inability to do so!  Anyways, Blue Terra proved all my apprehensions wrong. I had a lyrical, musical, wonderful time here.

After the Spa, the steam bath was refreshing really!

 Spa can be really beautiful @ Faridabad. My entire body and each vein was singing and as once again I entered the ocean of worries, I was dressed with an armor of 'Relaxation' with a final brush of green tea.

 Thank you Blue Terra, I will be a frequenter here :)

 Now I was like The Brook- 'I come from haunts of coot and hern, I make a sudden sally'- energetic and bubbly.
WEAK POINTS: In Fact they have given Faridabad the best gift it could ever have! Ashish at the Reception was good with Maii at my heed! As soon as I think of one, I'll add- don't worry :) Visit :  http://www.blueterra.in/spa-therapy/ayurveda.html 



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