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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Unbeatable Youth: Protest and Peace Rally for a Fighter! by Rashmi Singh

Published On: Sat, Dec 22nd, 2012

The Unbeatable Youth: Protest and Peace Rally for a Fighter!

“Sarfaroshi kee tamanna ab humaare dil mei hai
Dekhna hai zor kitna bazu-e-katil mei hai”

Yes the youth of Faridabad city came on the roads to protest against the system, the administration and against the inhumanly rape of Delhi, chanting these lines.
Protest and Peace Rally at Faridabad I was witnessing the Protest Rally against the brutal Delhi Gang Rape, organized by the youth of different schools of Faridabad. The rally started sharp at 4:00p.m. and it was a pleasant surprise to see the boys marching in huge number with the girls. The anger of the youth leapt like uncontrolled flame. Just then someone shouted, “This is Haryana, so we must first think of Haryana- let the Punjab people think of Punjab and so on”. I was dumbstruck and wanted to retaliate but before I could say anything, a boy shouted, “We are Indians and want our girls safe all over the world”. This time my heart welled up with pride! Half the battle against injustice was already won with the youth knowing their responsibility.
Faridabad protest march against Delhi gang rapeBut then at the same time I was forced to contemplate while marching ahead with them, ‘Where are we going wrong? Why are we breeding animals in guise of humans? Who is responsible for it? Mental marathon is being done by many thinkers, philosophers on this and  ‘parents’ and  ‘school’ are being ‘zeroed at’ as the answer for the same. It is believed that the parents and the teachers should nurture the minds of the children in a positive way, so we do not breed criminals. If the guardians are abusive and are continuously torturing women at home naturally the children will also learn all this!  In India this kind of environment is very common, as Himani Mittal of Nach Baliye of Sector 14, Faridabad says, “I came for the Protest Rally because I somehow feel that there are many more Damini’s who are dying and being tortured everyday”.
 But it is believed that the guardians too sometimes fail in streamlining their children. What about those who are school dropouts- who do not listen to their parents? What about such people? I too was  little stuck up to find the answer, but today’s Street Play against injustice gave me my answer- There are so many N.G.O’s in India, many are run by government aid. These N.G.O’s can come up with such plays to guide and enlighten people- such people who never go to school. This evening I saw how masses respond to such plays and dramas..
Faridabad protest march for justiceBut the most important thing is this that the daughters of this country have to lead a fearless life! We have to make the administration realise that we do not want any more of this sh**.  I am sorry for this language but it is high time the administration and police realise that such incidents are not mere incidents. It is high time the various political parties fighting on issues like ‘Reservation’ etc fight to amend the constitution so the daughter of India- The Fighter Damini, gets her justice! Justice, so that any Rapist before committing such heinous crimes would think twice that they could be hanged for their vile and animal play in city of humans! Or at least castrated as many of the students this evening demanded!

About the Author:
Rashmi SinghRashmi Singh is the author of famous books Love’s Journey, The Fallen Love, Taming the Restless Mind and Back to School @30. She is also a Personality Development-Soft Skills Trainer, Counselor based at Faridabad.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Psychic Psychos – by Rashmi Singh

Published On: Thu, Dec 20th, 2012

The Psychic Psychos – by Rashmi Singh


Today, suddenly in the class, one girl, of D.P.S. Faridabad stood up and asked me. “Ma’am why we are demanding justice only in this case? Why not for all the 600 rape cases committed in the buses of Delhi?” I did not know at that time whether her facts and figures were correct or incorrect but I was certainly dumb! I had no answer. But I collected my senses, as being a teacher I had to give an answer- an answer which should seem little feasible. I replied, “Probably because we are finally coming to this realization that after all we are not animals but humans!” And to my disbelief she agreed.
Lately I have been getting mails of psychic men who think that I should refrain from writing on topics which are highly debatable and can actually lead me to trouble! According to them, I am trying to invite unnecessary problems. I should, they say, continue doing what I was doing- write novels and very unashamedly the said person has written I should explicitly harp on the sex scenes to make the books more sale able. I was stunned at the audacity of this animal existing in our society in a guise of a man! When the entire nation is crying over the barbarous act of a bus driver and his mates in Delhi, this man is trying to derive pleasure by virtually trying to thwart a woman mentally.
Actually the email had gone into the ‘spam’ of my id. Today, I casually checked the junk box, and I got to read something which was shameful to the hilt. He had tried all possible means to hurt me but I being a seasoned Writer and a Counselor could easily sense his motive- motive to hurt me!
The ‘feeling of supposed hurt’ probably gave him a ‘feel of superiority’ for sure as I had blocked him on all my personal pages, but he continues making different id’s and keeps landing on them. But this made me to realise ‘Yes! He is the one. He is the one who should be dragged out and publicly hanged!’ Probably my outburst of emotion was a direct repercussion of the Gang Rape of Delhi. The girl’s condition, we all know is unimaginably, unbearably painful. I cannot sleep at nights thinking what will after all happen to her? Even if she survives, what about her mental state? We all know this that ‘it is she and she only who has to suffer throughout her life’ But still I am praying for her speedy recovery though I am also dying in parts with her.
There have been many incidents in our country earlier too but still we just talk/shout and forget!  In this case it is said that since the criminals were from slums and uneducated, hence they committed such ‘rarest of the rare rape’. But what about the women who everyday at their workplaces, homes and at other places of importance are being subjugated to sexual perversions. Some survive and some die…
Rashmi SinghNo one can put a stop to third rated porn sites but certainly we all can counsel and train our children. It is not only the children of slum who need sex education and awareness. The children of affluent societies should also be made aware of the repercussion of inhumanly deeds and that money of their parents can in no way be a savior if they, only to satisfy their whims and fancies lay hands on any woman- their parents’ money can in no way make them escape the punishment they deserve of their heinous crimes-. All should have fear- fear of law.
It has been almost three days of the brutal gang rape and I have been dying mentally bit by bit thinking about the psychic onslaughts of psychos and in all this a message floated in my inbox describing the physical condition of the girl and asking justice for her. After reading it I could not sleep, eat or think coherently. The message said, entire her life the Doctors say the victim will have to depend on her parents’ to feed her as her intestines had faced serious damage and has been taken out -but only if she survives. Nobody till now has seen such barbarous act. I am suppressing my tears though at the same time I know, I have to smile, look good, cook and do other necessary things of life, as life has to move and it will move… with India playing cricket with England, Modi reveling at his victory- everything once again will come back to track except the girl’s parents’ life.. her life..
About the Author:
Rashmi Singh is the author of famous books Love’s Journey, The Fallen Love, Taming the Restless Mind and Back to School @30. She is also a Personality Development-Soft Skills Trainer, Counselor based at Faridabad.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012




Published in Spectralhues.com 20th December 2012.
The Unbeatable Youth: Protest and Peace Rally for a Fighter! 
 Published in The Times of India, Patna Edition. 18th Dec,2012

PUBLISHED IN THE TELEGRAPH, 26th September, 2012 Kolkatta, Patna, Ranchi Editions.



Published in The Times of India Neighbourhood, 27th October 2013

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rashmi Singh Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister :

PMJI SAMJHO JI Second Sample25 Rashmi Singh Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister
RASHMI Rashmi Singh Writes a Letter to the Prime MinisterRespected Prime Minister Ji,
When ‘The Viewpaper’ asked me to put forward my views/suggestions for the improvement of our country, which were to be sent to you, I had instantly agreed. But to be very frank, sir, I very comfortably forgot, as a very common feel had come over me.
Is going to make any difference in our lives?’ 
But, after getting a call from The Viewspaper and sensing the seriousness in the tone, I felt slightly ashamed at not taking up the issue seriously and in fact doubting the sincerity of the ‘de facto’ Leader of our country – doubting if he would be able to make any changes in any way, but now with great hope, faith and changed heart, I am writing to you…
To be very frank, sir, I am very junior to you in all respects – age wise, experience wise and knowledge wise, but yes, I know that I have been given the Freedom of Speech and Expression by our esteemed and highly respected Constitution. Lately, though, the IT Act 66A has left me very confused and baffled. Hence, while writing this letter, I feel a very different kind of feeling overpowering my senses. Would my views be taken in accordance with our Constitutional rights or seen as going against the country? The country for which are ready to do anything – the country where we feel free to lead a ‘free life’ and in my blogs, I have been constantly writing that the success of my write-ups is because of my country’s Constitution, which gives me this right to do so.
I am very bold in expressing my thoughts and going against what I feel is incorrect but the recent Palghar arrests and that of Aseem Trivedi has left me languishing, breaking the flow of my pen, because I do not want my family to be disturbed just because I wrote something somewhere.
In December 2011, an effort was made by IT and Communication Ministry to tame the social networking sites in the name of ‘code of conduct’. As a result, such sites were painted against this act. I think that, the final result has left all gasping at the unbelievable arrests and torture.
We have many serious issues to be discussed like ‘Gas Cylinder Distributions’, elections, poverty, rupee devaluation, experimentation with education, Khap Panchayats, scams, and the icing on the cake is Corruption!
Here is just one question; I would like to ask sir as my low brain is not able to reach ‘the definition of corruption?’ Sir, I am really confused as I very well know that even the Class 1 officers of this country have to walk on the path of half starvation if he leads a strictly honest life. Some are slightly dishonest and some are massively dishonest! A decent house/flat, maintaining a decent car, sending two children to a good school, occasional visits to restaurants/movies, good clothes, nutritious food, medicines, higher education, phone/computer expenses and many other borderline needs/necessities cannot be maintained in the salary received and here starts their entrance into the vicious circle of corruption.
I request you Sir, kindly strictly supervise your Ministers and chain them, so they do not take up ‘Mantralyas as their Maykas.’
I would be really thankful Sir, if you look into the Common Man’s problems and to some extent it can be achieved if the ‘Taming of the Ministers’ are done.
Thank you.
Yours Sincerely,
Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh is the author of books like Love’s Journey, Taming The Restless Mind, Back to School@30, The Fallen Love and avid blogger.
Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]


Sunday, December 2, 2012


"Ma'am, why don't you pick up this book?", the Book seller lifted up a grey colored covered book, with a picture of shiny knotted tie printed on it. I took the book in my hands and flipped through some of its pages. 

"Ma'am, this is one of the bestsellers and very popular among women. This is the last copy left with me. Rest all sold to ladies", he said giving a broad mysterious smile. 

It was not that I had not heard of the book, but somehow, something stopped me from buying it- perhaps it was the dearth of time. "Its alright, I will buy some other time", I gave a sweet smile to him but when I came back home, I was little confused if I had done the correct thing. By the way, I have till now not read the book yet but yes, I have 'googled' about it and read its content, its reception and all the controversies attached to this book.

After this incident I became heavily busy in my other activities  and completely forgot about the most controversial and sale able fiction of the year! But it again came back into my life as one day as I was talking to my nephew on phone. He is an avid reader and travels a lot. Reading thus has become his pastime when on flights and as I am an author, he discusses almost all the novels he reads. The 'talk'  eventually halted at the book 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' and what he told me was interesting! The book was almost a 'soft porn' and mainly liked and bought by women! I instantly recalled what  few months back the Bookseller had told me grinning broadly! So this was what he was hinting at! I got the key to the lock of his wide mysterious smile! So the big grin was because of  common women liking sex very openly!

Well, it should be have been a point of extreme joy that at least women are liking sex and are openly coming forward by buying the book and relishing the read! But was at least not happy

Why? Because of the realization that why only men are blamed as enjoying sex and howled at for this. The surveys have proved that 'Mommies' actually enjoy kinky sex more than men! The pundits of Book Trade Business have predicted that ladies really like BDSM i.e. "Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism".

I am really baffled and I am convinced that man is actually an animal! And BDSM satisfies his/her animal sexual ways..

I was also upset because for me love and sex have been no less than worship but the sale of Fifty Shades... has really left me baffled!!!

Or perhaps this is so because a woman's subjugation over the years have lead her to fantasize about having a top position in sex! What say mommies?