'Power of Mind' by Rashmi

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love's Journey Continues.. rashmi singh.

Many things were all of a sudden happening in her life unexpectedly. First time in her life Jennifer had seen a real Doctor in a chamber resembling a suite of a Five Star Hotel! Before this, she had either seen her father treating very poor, undernourished tribal clad sometimes only in a piece of
cloth, their bones peeping out of their skin and eyes dwelling in an unknown fear or the lecher doctor at the end of the road, of her Mohallah, in his smelly extension of his single room dwelling, with his fat disfigured wife’s ever suspicious eyes staring Jennie. The pervert more than treating, would continuously ogle at her youthful body, not missing any single chance of touching her breasts or hips,while pretending to check Aryan. She had felt his hot breath so many times, loaded with uncontrolled lust, fanning her neck!

“Yes Ma’am, should we begin the check up? Sister, take the baby’s weight and bring him to me, he seems to be very pale,” the Doctor said brooding, however he smiled at the troubled mother and son with an assuring healing touch.





Nandita Chakraborty Banerjji said...

Hi - is this yr blog? Nice name!

rashmi singh said...

Yes Mysterious Girl-This is Mine:)