'Power of Mind' by Rashmi

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love's Journey by Rashmi Singh- An Unforgettable Experience!(Pustak Mahal Publishers)

Ashamed at her own act which she had earlier performed so many times for the shoots unashamedly, Jennie only wished desperately for Vasan to come into senses. Her son’s broken whimpering was eating her away. Her hands went involuntary to her breasts to feel the droplets of milk staining her brassiere. She took out the soiled bra and silently let it slip on the carpet to become almost naked. Shambhu Vasan, yes, she was sleeping with Shambhu Vasan, the famous Director of the Indian Film Industry. A man in his late forties, unmarried,living alone in a palatial bungalow with a battery of servants at Juhu. But ironically though ‘sleeping’ with one of the most successful man of the trade, she did not know when good luck would
knock her fate. “Ughhh,” the man beside her groaned loudly, the foul smell from his mouth enveloping the bed. ‘Dhamm’, one fat hand came and fell on her pearly breasts. Covering her nose instinctively, Jennie did not make any effort to remove his hand and was amazed at her own bitchy behaviour. Her own selfishness for her child was making her do things which she, Jennifer Sebastian, would have never, in her wildest of dreams, imagined doing earlier...@http://www.facebook.com/pages/Loves-Journey/144234218983030
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Obaging said...

Sounds like an interesting thing to read. Will check this one out.

rashmi singh said...

Hi Obaging-please do so:)
And let me know!