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Friday, August 16, 2013

They said it all!

Yesterday was quite hectic for me with varied and different kinds of family responsibilities sitting comfortably on my tired shoulders. But amidst all this I enjoyed the flavors of 67th Independence Day at Ryan International School, Faridabad.

 Oh! Lovely school, disciplined students and wonderful depiction of Independence, the difficulties faced by India and the cunning politicians of today! Nothing could have been better than this. 

Crisp and enjoyable programs with a very disciplined and charismatic Principal, Mrs Anju Uppal was really a blessing in disguise as I, opposite to this had expected something very monotonous !

One thing which amazed me was the versatility of the students, especially the younger ones- clean, clear and transparent like the Ganges water which emerges from 'Gangotri'- My heart just prayed  and hoped that in their path of growing up, they remain the same way and do not get poisonous with the different kinds of toxic cluttering their innocent lives! I just wished, despite of all odds they remain pure and fresh as the mango sapling which, these lovely happy children had gleefully got planted by me and be like the fresh small money plant creeper- (wealthy in all respects) gifted by the school which now smiles at the visitors of my apartment!
  I was also happy that these days the Institutions  prefer to invite authors, writers and other creative persons to motivate their students rather than politicians ! In fact I was happy to see that they are openly coming against the corrupt system and do not dwell in fear that the system can hamper them in any way. I could clearly read the silver lining of freedom from fear running amidst this splendid school. The pen has proved mightier than the sword. Thanks to our media!

 I was called as the Chief Guest to jingle into the tinkling hearts of these children. This 20th, I am again visiting the Astron Institute of Management and Technology in their convocation ceremony.

 Another thing which caught my attention was that there were no unnecessary speeches- instead the Management preferred  the real flavor and fervor of Independence to intoxicate all present and I must admit-it did! I was not able to disentangle myself from the mesmerizing and hypnotic environment..

I realized that these young minds knew almost everything about patriotism and martyrs- In fact they with their expressions had said everything- nothing was left for me! 

I felt that the only thing  required is, time to time servicing and over hauling of these young and fresh minds so that they keep themselves free from toxic clutters and develop into responsible citizens.

Jai Hind


Deepannita Misra said...

Thank you ma'am for writing about our school...we were truly honored to have your presence among us! Vrinda told me about your prolific English (I am a friend of hers)and now I want to become like you - an author!
Also, if you have time, please check out my blog http://bethdeepa.blogspot.com
Thank you Maam!

Deepannita Misra said...


Rashmi Singh said...

Sure! God bless you Deepannita.

seema said...

Your magnanimous presence reality made our show grand and your interaction with the students was indeed inspiring. We would certainly like to have a longer interactive session with you with students who have interest in the literary area.

Thank you, from the staff and students of Ryan International School Faridabad.

Rashmi Singh said...

Sure Seema.

Thanks a lot.

Love to all fresh and inquisitive young faces of Ryan Internatinal. Take Care.