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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Beautiful Me!

Hello All

I was always a jewellery person and had always loved jewels, perfumes and flowers but got married very early and all my expressions were buried in my memory box.

 Love for me was the essence of life but instead love, I had to perform only duties and while doing all this I became a mother of two. Love was only asked, not given and  I somewhere, I lost my real self.
I wanted to fly study further and do many more things but my roads were blocked, in form of an early marriage. But perhaps Gods were watching me and I started teaching in schools. With my will power, I did my Post Graduation in Political Science, acquired a degree of M.B.A. and a ‘Certificate of Teaching English’ as well!

As my children grew up, I gave up teaching in schools to be with them always in the moments when they needed me. My son had however resisted it but today I have established my own coaching center to coach students for CBSE English curriculum but my ‘real me’ was still buried somewhere- my expressions-‘ my writing and painting feels’!

 Oh I forgot to tell, as when I saw you, I remembered myself- fresh and young teaching in schools and being the favourite of my students! 

You know, just after my marriage my jewellery was locked in my mom in law's locker and by the time it was given back to me I had lost interest but when once I wore a diamond earrings, I really looked beautiful as they enhanced my confidence. My students pursued me to wear jewels. I bought another one with my own earning and felt proud..

But I had to still unearth my ‘real me’ lying cold in the graves. Suddenly something happened and I started writing blogs. My blogs made waves and they were taken up by an International website http://www.news.net and I was extremely elated. My expressions again erupted like a volcano from their graves and drenched my entity!

I continued my writing and painting journey- Result? My first book and debut novel ‘Love’s Journey’ hit the stands in 2011 and took the market by storm. Thereafter, I wrote 2 self help books, ‘Taming the Restless Mind’ and ‘Back to School@30’. ‘The Fallen Love’ is my fourth book and second fiction.

 My fifth book and a historical fiction with its cover painted by me is being released in this Delhi Book Fair 2013.  And the most important thing, I was married just a graduate, but had always wanted to embark a path for myself to live with pride- we live only once and we have to make the most of it.
Today, I really feel very beautiful from inside and outside as I have become my son’s official sponsor for his living expenses for his M.S. (He has got full fee scholarship) in Finland. My Income Tax Returns were shown for his visa and I proved that if a woman is determined and wants to achieve her goal, she can do so in all types of adverse condition.


Take Care

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