'Power of Mind' by Rashmi

Friday, November 6, 2009


Case Study-1

These days Mental torture inflicted by Parents and Teachers in the name of 'practice','motivation 'guidance' is becoming a serious matter of concern which should be dealt even more seriously before the child starts thinking himself as a malignant cell,either ending up his life or resorting to forbidden paths.

We are here, going to see case of a boy 'X',his slipping down the ladder of life and making a timely grip on the last step,which saved him from falling into the murky, dark ocean having no exit.

X was continuously being termed as a 'failure', by one of his parent.It was this said 'parent',only, who in the beginning, had misguided the child in the guise of being a lovable guardian and provided him with all sorts of unwanted luxury,just to prove a better parent as compared to his spouse.Here we see that domestic strife laid its ugly hands on the child's future.By the time X realised his mistake,he was already being called as a 'jerk' by the same 'lovable guardian' of his-the only relief he had at that time, was the other parent stood by him ,to reorganise his life before it was too late.Today, X is not only studying in tier 1 Engineering College,but has also understood the value of money.

In the above case ,X got a mentor as well at the same time and insight to do well.But how many of such children are so accurately lucky?Future of most of such children become bleak either due to abusive domestic environment or constant 'unhealthy belittling',bringing their morale to a level, surrounded with gloominess.

Motivating a child is no easy game,hence care should be taken that he/she in no ways is being compared to others and berated(which is constantly done by the parents and teachers).A child has to compete with his own calibre.We cannot expect to have a child's talent"cloned"!!.Every child is gifted with some quality or other-the beauty lies in bringing out their such qualities and providing them with suitable platform comfortable and suitable to their personalities as each child is gifted with different personality traits.

A ROSE has its own beauty and a LILY its own!RIVERS can never be OCEANS and OCEANS can never be RIVERS.Every thing and every human being has its own importance and beauty.The need of the hour is to understand,hone,and polish their skill.



Ayushree Nandan said...

Yeah i really agree that motivation is required and not that 24 hours-'you-are-good-for-nothing' taunts.One ought to never belittle their children for a healthy and beautiful future. =]

rashmi singh said...

thanx ayushree that you agree with y views-but sometimes parents dreams get bigger for their children and unknowingly they force them to such streas which are not meant for them-so a level headed series of talks can really be helpful.