'Power of Mind' by Rashmi

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



This video is dedicated to all such friends and wonderful people who in dire crisis have emerged and still emerge as mental and emotional saviours.This is one of my favorite songs which provides with a soothing effect that can't be expressed in words!!


rashmi singh said...

This song was always played in a Christian Institution where I first worked.Principal Sir used to dance along with Kavita(Josephine) Ma'am at the end of any function or party on this tune.Though Sir is no more but I cannot forget,the love and affection,he along with ma'am showered on me and my family,treating me as a family member seeing to such petty things if I have taken my breakfast or not-my b'day,even sending packed dinner to my home for my family whenever I was tired.One look at me and ma'am could guess that I was sad-where do we get such caring ppl now?Truly they were and are my real mentors who employed me without even checking my certificates!!!!!!!Love u ma'am and all respect to the heavenly soul!

pedsdoc79 said...

thanks rashmi,you brought back wonderful memories of medical school where I spent golden moments with my friends....