'Power of Mind' by Rashmi

Thursday, March 8, 2012


“Rohan,” It seemed to Rohan that Radhika had called him. But the boulder had finally started moving like a cunning, stealthy treacherous enemy, hitting Rohan who came in its way, rolling down the valley and after that the car. Suddenly from nowhere four-five men came and dragged him back, heartlessly….Everything was happening right there in front of him, everything and a helpless Rohan, in clutches of unknown men, was made to watch the car along with Radhika, dive deep into the dangerous valley of death. Everything finished before his eyes….once again he lost to life…once again fate won for the worst and he lost….. Rohan fell unconscious and limp in the arms of the men holding him tight…..
With one hand Rohan had closed her mouth and with the other he twisted her both arms, bringing it to her back murderously. Rita tried her best to press the Emergency bell with her legs but Rohan was quick in apprehending her motives and pulled her back towards to the other side of the room. The needle of his right hand was displaced making blood to rush out heedlessly.
“Now you tell me, if you want yourself to be alive....
Rashmi Singh

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


“And what admirers, by God Shilpi—must say you have some taste!” He turned around and suddenly snatched the gift which Rohan had, with great pain, insult, and neglecting his parents collected. Vishal was fine specimen of a ‘bully’ with muscles ripping out of his funky t-shirt. “Shilpi you really have a true, devoted follower!” he laughed loudly making fun of the teenager and ruthlessly crushing the red rose, every petal of which was sequined with love and dreams of the young poor boy, who had especially bought it for his dream angel.
Seeing his symbol of love being mutilated in front of his eyes, the dormant lover burst up like a violent volcano, its molten lava creating havoc, inviting destruction and rampage. “You Bastard, how dare you…how dare you crush my rose…how dare you? How can you, you motherfucker. I am not going to leave you.” The lover was panting wildly, eyes blood red, saliva dripping from his mouth. The other boy not prepared for such a move, slipped and fell on the sandy wet ground. There had been rainfall the previous night and the soil was still damp and grumpy.
rashmi singh