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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rocking Invitation@ Afternoon at Four Fountains Spa

Rush, Rash, Running.. Past few days have been really hectic but the invitation to have a refreshing Spa and review it made my day.... Ooops but the day to review it somehow got delayed due to various reasons..

Though I had got this invitation almost a month back but I wasn't very much keen to have it as I have been really too busy with my books, classes and various meetings.  

Now, as the vacations are approaching, you can say, I am little less busy and stressed (not free exactly).

 I am writing my fifth book and 3rd fiction- a Romantic Historical one and wanted a break and  hence decided to visit one of the Spas of Four Fountains which had extended its warm invitation. They were very warm and wanted me to have it in any of their Centres  in India.

Now, I would like you to know  why at the first place, I wasn't very keen to accept this invite! It was because my experience till now in the matter of hygiene, cleanliness and relaxation have not been very good in many of the branded salons and parlours... and I took this Spa also to be one amongst them but I was grievously mistaken!

 In Foot Reflexology Room :)
 @ Spa Room :))
Reception of Four Fountains Gurgaon
But at Four Fountains, the experience was mind blowing. Ohh! I felt so relaxed after taking Summer Splash Spa with Swedish Massage Strokes. The ambiance was Super and Dr Meenu with her team very cordial! 

They took care of all my needs and gave a refreshing afternoon.

Over all all I can say, it is a great Spa Centre with  elite class facilites. In fact, I was stunned when they showed me their price list. The spas are not at all expensive and quite affordable! So everyone once in a while can go for them and burst their stress!

Negative bytes: Can't think any: Don't want to stress myself by unnecessarily criticising!!

 Always looking forward to visit it again:)

Monday, May 13, 2013

You Made Me Special!


My daughter made a lovely homemade cake for me. I was bought emotionally by her. She is busy with her entrance exams but still she didn't forget to make me feel special! Love u bachha log :))