On Tuesday night,11th January,a gang of 10-12 miscreants in Chandigarh, dressed as Police, loot jewelry worth over 20 crores from the prestigious Tanishq showroom in MANIMAJRA, while the Police gapes foolishly and people swound in awe of the CONMEN.

It is believed the accused overpowered the  two security guards (ironically to guard jewelry worth 20 crores ,only two guards were there!),and gained entry into the showroom after breaking the locks,Tuesday night.

The big question is to break such heavy locks ,ample time might have been taken by them-And were there no Emergency Alarm connected, anywhere, to appraise the Owners of any untoward incidents? Seems like an extremely foolishly fabricated and concocted story straight from fantasy"Indrajal Comics!"

Such security lapses surely raises doubts or "creates a halo of awe and wonder for the miscreants!"Ufff what a terrific Plan or was the Plan made deliberately? 

I  wonder ,were women too like, Hindi Films involved?Interesting!

While the Police is still calculating the exact amount of loot,t he Criminals (as narrated by the Police), dubbed as Policemen ,must be surely having the last laugh!

Here I am reminded of a scene of the Devanand Starrer film "Jewel Thief!",where he is pretending to be completely drunk,only to lay hands on Gold.This scene is said to be lifted from the classic CLINT EASTWOOD,movie, A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS!