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Thursday, November 24, 2011



As a Personality Development Trainer and Counsellor, I have been approached by people of various segments  of society undergoing this pressure i.e. but the strangest point which raised my eyebrow  was that my address book of so called ‘Patients’ is mainly filled with the names of those parents who are indirectly being sliced by such ‘pressures’ of their wards!

Very rarely the youth themselves come to seek help or even try looking for help. Parents, act as their Saviours and frantically run from pillar to post seeking help for their wards.  Ironically these parents are not parents of young children but  of grown up youths, studying in  colleges  and pursuing most sought after trades! And the most unique phenomena to be noticed here is that many of these Parents in a way are responsible for the ‘frantic behaviours’ of their children as at the school level they have been often been pressurizing or rather traumatizing their wards to excel in their subjects-to bring more marks as compared to their friends. It is here where the Parents unknowingly become a fillip in triggering the much talked and discussed pressure-Peer Pressure which is continuously taking toll on the life of the youngsters because as they grow up it is not only in the field of  academics where they want to reign but their wants  deviates to fields like ‘owning the most sought after girlfriends/boyfriends, dresses, modern gadgets, cars etc !
But I would like to make a call to the youngsters to seek advice in case they suspect themselves being boiled in a hot soup! In fact many times the youth very well know that they need professional and medical help/guidance to overcome their difficulties and here I want to enlighten them that the problems which seem so grievous at the moment to them can prove to be very trivial afterwards. But they often escape seeking medical/professional help as they fear being laughed at by their peers. I often see that the youth instead of becoming a support to their aged parents are becoming a burden on them and seek help! To many this can seem that the youngsters are becoming heartless/careless. But the crucial point here which goes unnoticed is that in the present day scenario, where pressure to excel in all and every field is increasing by leaps and bounds , the mind of these youth can face tough situations-so tough that sometimes they are not able to bear and fall prey to it ruining their lives. 

Now let us see, what these pressures which generally drive the youngsters crazy are.

Everybody these days, especially the youth, face the pressure to 'fit in' in certain place in which they dwell and make turn heads. Young people often feel this pressure the most because they are continuously trying to find their place in this big world and the media targets a lot of messages at them. Friends can sometimes put pressure on young people too - pressure to talk, dress and act a certain way. So we see the Modern Pressures are non-ending!

We often, chide parents for not connecting with their children, without realizing that even the parents too are striving hard in today’s world to give best of all the two worlds to their children!

 The cost of Education has risen manifold. To do M.B.A., even from a Government Institution requires the parents to shed a huge amount of ‘mullahs’! And the plight doesn’t stop here- admission is not everything! With admission begins a new path of journey for these youth laced with different kinds of wants. It’s not that they really want these  but want because their friends have them! Now this is what, I have been trying to come to-PEER PRESSURE!

 I would here, instead of guiding or managing Parents and Teachers would aim my attention towards the youth. It is very important that we connect with them and be free to them guiding them, helping them to row their life-boats.


Now let us come to Chinese Philosophy acting as ‘healing power’- The Yin yang. Yin and Yang , according to Chinese belief, are not opposing forces (dualities), but complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system. Everything has both yin and yang aspects as light cannot exist without darkness and vice-versa, but either of these aspects may manifest more strongly in particular objects, and may ebb or flow over time.

So, I think the youth might have got, what I am trying to convey i.e. everything has its relevance in this world. With the good, the bad-with have, the have not and with luxuries, goals to be achieved dwells! So finally it is the youngsters who decide their fate. Pressures in various forms will be invading their minds but they have to know that for a successful life these pressures are essential and that they can never ever run away from such invading phenomena invading their lives! If taken positively these can help them to foster their personality!

For example, to grow into an adult, watching adult films is not necessary but everyone sees them somewhere in their lives and relish and I see no harm in it but when such kind of behaviours exceed the prescribed limit staining your personality, blocking your way, you have to decide the best for yourself and set limits for everything in life....Venturing out into a new world is a part of growing up but before putting your first step there, think twice because the mark of your foot made can not be easily erased... YOU ARE THE MASTERS OF THIS GAME CALLED LIFE-HENCE PLAY YOUR MOVES DEFTLY- SURGE AHEAD WITH A LIMITED AND RECOGNISED SPEED PAVING THE ROAD TO SUCCESS!
Rashmi singh

Rashmi Singh is a freelance Personality Development Trainer and Counsellor based at Faridabad, near Delhi. An alumnus of Notre Dame Academy Patna, Loreto Convent, Ranchi and Avila Convent, Patna (P.W.C.), Rashmi did her C.T.E., M.A. and M.B.A post marriage. An extremely sincere worker, she has watched life from a very close proximity sieving positivity from the heaps of piled negativity around her. An active blogger and successful Counsellor, her posts appear in the Asia Section of an International Website, http://www.news.net by the names of Riviera and Lost Tranquility. Rashmi’s debut novel ‘Love’s Journey’ published by Pustak Mahal Publishers is already a raging success with rave reviews in different newspapers, including Economic Times Casual e-paper Kolkatta, admitting it as Pristine Surmise and a complete read and with highest fb likes  at Crossword online bookstore  (  http://www.crossword.in/books/loves-journey/p-books-9788122312010.html

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