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Friday, October 29, 2010

Forgetting First Love-Who Is Asking To?


The sun shone on the fine gravel of the beach and I saw a very distressed woman in her  early forties trying to suppress her "seething sadness".Now you can ask,"how can sadness be seething?" True sadness should be depressed and subdued, something simmering on  low flame, gnawing away the heart gradually ,so how can it be "seething"But, I think her "distressed situation" was seething as her body postures were not at all feigning her fidgety condition! Restlessness spurt from every mannerism of hers! Definitely,she wanted to talk-talk to anybody,even a stranger,but I was not ready to do so because after a tiring conference and satisfying string of events in my life ,I was in no mood to spoil my evening.So the best was to ignore her completely but somewhere in me,my compassion which I had so securely buried under a blanket of current happiness defied me and though I didn't want myself to get bugged but still shifted gradually near her with an inquisitive eye!

Muffling up her reddened face  in her large handkerchief,she looked up to me in despair and hope-despair,as she was quite convinced her life had been a waste-hope .....because, somewhere she thought, I would come,sit beside her and listen her woeful tales. I chided myself for being selfish for overlooking a person "who thought was totally out of repair",not paying heed to her needs!

The tale which she narrated was nothing new or devastating! She was in fact another one suffering from "not being able to forget first love " AHHH!!! How many people would be tortured by this syndrome! I think some take their past affairs as flings or simply a relationship which didn't work and move ahead in life positively,while few not so blessed,dwell in their pasts never look ahead towards all the opportunities life hold for them, always dwelling in it, dooming and shutting the doors of their minds and souls to shimmering rays trying to enter their doomed minds!

I moved towards her a little more convincingly and a little more comfortingly.The story which she narrated but was nothing new,only this that when almost she had reconciled with her situations, she had once again bumped into him accidentally  on the path of life!Now this too didn't seem to me very unusual,as I have come across many people who have been meeting and are friends to their ex!

True everything happens but here the lady seemed adamant not to forget her once short affair which still had great impact on her life,so much so that she wasnot able to concentrate on her home, her children! So I could perceive,she was equally connected to "her home and her children".This was a big respite as after few sessions,I could see, she could be fully cured!EMOTIONAL HEALING IS THE BEST HEALING! Her emotions were just like as depicted in the link below:


I  could see a ray of hope, as she was still attached to her family AND CONVINCED HER SOMEHOW THAT SHE WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE SUFFERING  from this feeling of rejection,loss and despair! Like her,there were many others or probably everyone in his/her life faces this "syndrome" but then why do we have to punish ourselves with a feelings of guilt,despair and rejection.Have we come on this earth only to face 'love syndrome" or there are other aspects of our lives too which need dire attention!

I asked her is she a "coward" or a "valiant?" She seemed baffled and could not get what I meant.I had to be more explicit and quoted Julius Caesar's lines,"Cowards die many times before death,the valiant never taste of death but once!".She seemed to be more puzzled-more baffled!Wiping her non stoppable tears she asked what I actually meant.And my answer was if she was ready to quit everything else in life  to dwell in a state of "REACHING NONSENSE"MOREOVER WHO IS ASKING HER TO FORGET HER FIRST LOVE? SHE  HAS TO HELP HERSELF TO OVERCOME HER PAST AND IF NOT LET THE BEAUTY OF IT FILL HER VERY VALUABLE PRESENT WITH THE  LINGERING FRAGRANCE OF HER PAST LOVE TO ATTAIN SOMETHING POSITIVE ,AS RUNNING AWAY FROM LIFE AND CRIBBING OVER WHAT CANNOT BE ATTAINED ANYMORE IS NOT THE SOLUTION!As life is not very kind and teaches each one of us something !Things seemed to seep into her rock like brain and I took a long breath of relief as I did not want the beautiful evening to slide into oblivion where I too was busy doing calculations of my life.............

However if readers want,they can visit the link below for first love experiences!






Karimnagar Kotigadu said...
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rashmi singh said...

I understand your feelings.I know your feelings-even i am not wood,stone but only a human!To forget love which happens only once is very difficult but i want people to overcome their past somehow to save their future...to forget past is very difficult..we all know!

ajitbiomed said...

awesome .....i was like ...like reading some part of my fav novel.....good yaar.....
and dont worry abt writing long blogs...if writing anythng abt love...atleast i b thr to read all at once...in one go ..in one breath...phewwwwwwwww...