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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"No One Killed Jessica!-"But Who Killed The Others?"

Coming out of the movie,I was all in praise for the makers of it who kept the entire audience spellbound for almost 2 hours and 20 minutes.Justice delayed is justice denied but Jessica won-Her supporters won-India Won! A joint effort of many people relived the forgotten memories, of "one Jessica",who ever lived. 

At the same time,however, one question was bothering me..Jessica,even after her brutal murder was given justice which in a way invoked our faith,in our Judiciary,Our System BUT WHAT ABOUT OTHERS whose case even after so may hearings,investigations are standing at the brink of closure!Say like Aarushi Talwar,Soumya Ranganathan or Nafisa Joseph's suicide?

Who will investigate these cases and make movies for them?We all watch,talk,discuss and then get involved in our routine affairs!Why aren't movies made on "NITHARI KILLERS?"Probably  because it can not be glamorized.

High profile incidents ,which fires the imagination of a common man wanting to reach  out these places,say expensive ,glittering Disc.,Bars,Pubs, coupled with Beautiful Models, flavored with aroma of Political Power is  categorized by own commercial film makers and put to market for sale.

Here I am reminded of Shobhaa De's lines " I came away savouring the few and far between flashes of a newbie called Myra , who plays Jessica with verve and freshness. Had there been more of Myra in the movie, it might have kept more people in the audience absorbed and awake."So she too like others wanted more of MYRA(JESSICA),i.e. Glamor and Sizzle......So the message is clear.Everyone wants Glamor And Sizzle.And the film makers are picking up the topics which are doing JUSTICE TO THEIR POCKETS BUT "IT IS NOT FOR JESSICA'S JUSTICE".

 Before marketing too, its Promos were also very well marketed to make money...well nothing is actually bad in all this as everyone is making it but shouldn't many other incidents locked up in Pandora's Box too be taken out for Public Display -For The Sake Of Justice-I bet they should be,And I bet you'll agree too!
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ajitbiomed said...

obviously and precisely, the makers decided to make the film because it is hot topic nw a days while nithari in compare to that is nt tht hot u knw....u mentioned arushi and couple of others...oh c'mon....they are all big names...i guess there are as many as 1000 victims or more..who never got that much highlight...and u knw wt......TRP is all tht matters...news...talks.....moovies.....thats all....we live in democratic country....bt still it is no more a democratic world....thts another fact....
again a well written.....blog/thought....

rashmi singh said...

Thanks ajit for your valuable comment -i do agree with you..there are million others such case or happenings taking place everyday but they are not high profile,hence isn't getting any attention!Actually one case which is bothering me too much is of Soumya Ranganathan,(Headlines Today).She worked with a news channel but still her case has been forgotten in the name of "Road Rage"-but shouldn't the police reach the collars of those who committed this heinous crime by shooting her from such close range?
Thanks again for being an avid reader of my posts-i may not be able to give an answer to all ur precious cmnts but i will definitely like to see them!

ajitbiomed said...

kkk rashmi....n regarding tht soumya case..u still think cops dont knw nythng..??
nyways ur concern is worth for appreciation...

sourav singh roy said...

Our very own system is like cancer the more you dissect the more it spreads; still we have not come across a vaccine for a remedy....!!