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Sunday, January 9, 2011




"Delhi Times", of 9th December,2011,has finally declared the Viewers Choice of THE MOST DESIRABLE CELIBRITY AS HRITHIK AND KATRINA, respectively IN 2010.In fact the song "Sheila ki jawaani" has catapulted Katrina to this position once again in a row which is a rare phenomenon .while this decade saw the beauties and many celebrities, slyly and stealthily slipping to oblivion...The eternal Aishwarya Rai making to ,no.2 position and last year's Ranbir slipping to no.3 position consecutively!!AND MANY OTHER PROMINENT ONES NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!


WHO CAN FORGET THE INITIAL ATTEMPTS OF KATRINA IN THE MOVIE "BOOM" ...USING VULGARITY TO REACH STARDOM..not like yesteryear heroines who strictly forbade such obscenity at any cost-today the principle is to gain success at any cost-cost being personal or professional!


The effort to remain at the top and to be the most DESIRABLE has made many actresses  and models, jump to the pan of boiling NUDITY mindlessly!Actually when the game is running out of their hands like"slipping sand",they think that GOING NUDE CAN HELP AND MAINTAIN THEIR MARKET!!OR IF NOT ANYTHING SOME FAST BUCKS CAN DEFINITELY BE MADE!Many famous ones too like Bipasha, Ameesha, Kareena and others are actively involved in the RACE OF BEING SEMI NUDE OR TOPLESS SUGGESTIVELY!


Without  being verbose ,and trying to show my knowledge of a simple subject that even a"chaiwala" of Delhi  easily understands..errr..i.e. which posters to  use to shield his "chaidukaan"(tea stall), in this biting cold-definitely ones in  which the models are wearing skimpiest or no clothes at all.......

But this is also true that these heroines or models,never reach the galore of "true success"-they are only success with masses who whistle and fantasize over their curvaceous,luscious naked bodies,so I think a new name for them should be invented.."HUMAN TANTALIZERS" INSTEAD OF ACTORS AS THEY ARE MORE TANTALIZING WITH THEIR NUDE AND TOPLESS PICTURES THAN ACTING! THE NEW ONES WHEN DO,IT IS SOMEWHAT ACCEPTABLE BUT WHEN THE ESTABLISHED ONES RESORT TO ALL SUCH ACTIVITIES-IT IS CERTAINLY THEIR INSECURITY!

Whether it is their insecurity or boldness but if it entertains the masses it is good -but if makes the people astray and mentally perverse then WE HAVE TO THINK!

Forgotten are the days of Meena Kumari, Wahida Rehman, Madhubala and and other contemporaries of their era who flaunted their beauty in aesthetic sense which took  men!'s breath away!Beauty had a subtle and a higher meaning-their beauties coupled with acting prowess intoxicated even the geniuses mind!THEY INTOXICATED AND TOPPED ALL THE ACTORS OF THE PRESENT GENERATION WITHOUT BEING TOPLESS!



ajitbiomed said...

since our director like karan johar and all dont knw (few are exceptions)hw to direct and make a really good film as we can find in hollywood......they usually do these kind of drama which they called item number...infact our films are so weak tht if they dont include any dance number..the film gonna b either average or flop.......and heroins like katrina or nigar or whateve...they can just remve thr cloths to b on top....since they cant do a fine acting.....its really sameful for bollywood that our direcor requires item number to attract the people....and so as people...they liked sheela ki javaani...i mean wt the hell this is....
a well written blog.....

rashmi singh said...

Thanks ajit for going thru the post and actually getting,what i am trying to say.Thanks once again for your support-i really need readers like u:)

Free Adviser said...

Rashmi u did a good job..

There are both type of people, who likes or dislike the same !!

The main things is that "which side we are"

Because entertainment has too be a limit free(from my view)

Every body has an option to select their category..

Pls Dont mind !!
I m one of ur follower!!

Best of Luck!!!