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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decision Making-Key Of Enriched Personality


A lot has been said and written on PERSONALITY TRAITS and the FACTORS constituting
it.But as far as I perceive,the CHIEF KEY INGREDIENT of it is a PERSON'S ABILITY TO TAKE CORRECT DECISION AT A PARTICULAR TIME which can take him a step further on his desired path-because that particular time is never going to come back and benefit him in any way.

Decision Making is not a child's play and many significant writers and renowned people have presented their dissertations on the said topic involving lots of tongue-twisters and words which generally overflow the minds of common people.Here I have tried to highlight its importance in a simple manner which would surely help the readers.

The functional area of Decision Making is wide and has seen its vital place in World Wars, appeasement treaties, Economic Recessions and crises to release of movies,deciding schools for children,buying or not buying a car or house at a certain time and many more other areas which may at times seem insignificant but has immense impact on our lives.Here I am reminded of the novel "Name Of Rose" by Umberto Eco
published in 1980.Initially the publishers had expected its sale up to 3000 copies but in total 10 million copies of it was sold after publication.In U.S.itself about 2 million copies were sold!The success of the novel is till now,a mystery to the publishers as well as to the author himself.Eco says probably it was the right time,when the novel was published-had it been published ten years before or ten years
after,it would have BOMBED!So knowingly or unknowingly Eco's and the publishers decision to publish the novel at that particular time span was responsible for its overwhelming success!So, here, the correct timing was in a way responsible for the success of the said novel.

As we all know there are many key factors which moulds our decisions-these are situations,circumstances,incidents,grooming,wealth,right values and many more.Decision-making is a tough job even if it is made at such levels as to what dress should be worn by one at a certain place or function.It involves a meticulous analysis of all possible opportunities i.e. dresses and accessories available at that time.

My readers must be surprised to see me suddenly jump from the ongoing topic EMOTIONAL ABUSE. To them I would like to convey that I am not switching from the topic or deviating.In fact I am coming to it-what I am trying to bring out is the point that in situations of such abuses too,one has to take stern and immediate decisions,instead of dilly-dallying and finally coming to an undesirable end.If the person,here,chooses to stay with the abuser he/she should inculcate in himself enough mental courage to brave all kinds of situations and can make a recognizable place for himself in the society.This however is extremely difficult as constant berating hampers the confidence and the person feels "good for nothing." Hence to go ahead in life positively,one has to take the decision of his life within time.In doing so he might become an object of 'jest' but this is much better than leading a mentally paralytic life!In fact such decisions enhances the confidence of the person striving to come out of undesirable circumstances,and
ENRICHES his personality.

Correct decision at the correct time without being confused,bewildered,,matters a lot.Such clear decisions can only make one to move ahead in life despite of all kinds of obstacles and hurdles. Sometimes some decision can be risky too and requires lot of courage and positivity.In such cases right attitude,acumen and insight is needed and sometimes a DISCUSSION on the matter too helps. So before taking the BIG LEAP one should always organise his valid points WITHIN TIME and then proceed.As Robert Frost has beautifully said,"Two roads diverged in a wood,and I....I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference...."

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Intresting and Nice Post Rashmi !
Srinivasa Rao.S

rashmi singh said...

Thanks Srinivas Rao,for appreciating my effort!