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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Emotional Compassion Versus Unknown Abuses


Being just a "HUMAN" is not enough- One has to become "HUMANE" to have eyes which can see in this biting cold,the chilling wind which every night,lurking slyly comes as messenger of death,to those sleeping on the footpaths,parks,under any half constructed building or a tree clutching tightly a stray dog for warmth who is more compassionate than any other rich man swirling past in their big cars,gifting a dusty cover ...for them life means more than hygiene..more than those bill boards mocking at the whole system to keep the environment free of certain diseases!This is INDIA..didn't they know when they were putting up such ironical hoardings!

C'mon,"They" knew very well but a kind of system has to be devised-a system has to exist but how much we all get out of it is a mystery and definitely history will stand to vouch for the same! Overburdened with poverty sharing meals with dogs and cat is a stark naked truth of the 'wretched Poor' of this country.Many want to shy away from this reality whilst some USE, very effectively and cleverly "this state of deprivation" to make their "fat" purse "fatter"!

Looking at the 'skyscrapers' one wonders "Is the so called EMPIRES, of so many GREEDY PEOPLE really a thing to be reveled at?"Probably Yes, because development is inevitable,incessant and necessary. Moreover hasn't a Renowned Philospher,Herbert Spencer quoted "Survival of the fittest" i.e. he only survives who is fit and is able to win the race of life,say like snakes which eats most of its own eggs after laying....Now we have to think... Do we want ourselves to be identified with such cold blooded animals or a warm blooded human being? Which once again, another acclaimed Thinker, Aristotle has quoted as a "Rational Animal". I do not want to challenge their statements but isn't it ironical how can a Rational Animal survive and be the fittest because one who is "rational" at times will definitely be "Emotional" as he would possess "a brain" and not "a mechanized instrument" in his skull. I guarantee a man with a "throbbing brain" has to be emotional at times and an 'Emotional Man" can never survive amongst the Snakes. His emotions will unknowingly and accidentally will turn out to be such follies which will take shapes of rock-sized obstructions in the path of "said progress"!

The other day while watching television,sitting comfortably in my quilt,sipping coffee and waiting for the arrival of New Year 2010,I could not help thinking about those who might not even know "what a new year is"? For them EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT is a race to be alive....the "survival of the fittest" whether it be for them slyly creeping and intruding properties, in which they have no access or again hugging a 'pig' or a 'dog' to keep them warm and alive..HAVEN'T THEY TOO DEVISED MEANS TO SURVIVE ON "THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET" with "BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE MASTERING AMAZING TONGUE TWISTERS"!This indeed is a mock at all those who claim to be "humane" and close to "humanity" and that includes probably ME TOO! Sitting comfortably and thinking about the underprivileged is an easy way to show compassion but to venture out to lend a helping hand, in the biting cold with equally cold screeching wind is TRUE COMPASSION.

I do not want to be a "PHILOSOPHICAL GURU" and chide the human race I only want a few drops of nectar in form of compassion and affection for those who do not know the real meaning of being a HUMAN BEING...those sometimes hugging animals are closer to compassion and humanity than "those who sit in palatial buildings and formulate plans for such people".The other day while taking my routine walk early in the morning about 6:30a.m. I saw three children(their real photos, with their mother's permission is there at the start of the write-up), all girls aged about seven,five and one.I could not stop myself from asking their names because in this chilling cold,the elder one named "JYOTI" was carrying the youngest named "ANCHAL" Again this was a dire case of IRONY because Anchal means warm soothing covering of a woman's dress and here this 'anchal' to the youngest was provided by a seven year old tender aged child who herself needed love,care and affection!!They were all sisters and the middle one,named "KAJAL" informed me that since their mother had to go early in the morning to "Kothis" for odd works like cleaning,washing utensils etc hence they had to look after their baby sister..I felt ashamed of myself and I knew why.... because without engaging a domestic help even our lives do not run smoothly and we hardly are bothered to look at the stream of pain flowing beyond our luxury and comforts..wasn't this again a slap on the face of our system and government which puts hoardings 'banning child labor' and under the same hoardings such children either directly or indirectly like JYOTI are taking shelter from different shades of life!

I am not here to force my "thoughts" or "views" on anybody.I wrote what I felt like- what my soul wanted to write.....'Selfishness' is a human trait, present in everyone of us. But isn't 'compassion' too an inherent quality gifted to us naturally which we have unashamedly hidden under a quilt of MATERIALISM! What really needed, is "A few drops of compassionate nectar" and the entire race of all behaviors would come to peace!


shalini said...

yes rashmi-you yourself indded are full of compassion which depicts the
beautiful glow on ur face!

Anonymous said...

nyc ma'am...one more side of urs full off compassion is revealed now..gud dat u care fr oders also in this selfis world..keep it up..:D

Anonymous said...

d above cmnt was frm me...diksha...ur studnt...

rashmi singh said...

Thanx diksha m so proud of you-mark my words..one day u'l scale such heights where ppl dream to reach!as i have written you have to look beyond ur ed. qualifications and surge ahead!

Himanshu said...

Great Blog indeed, Rashmi. Thanks for reminding people like us....that there is more in this life to look upto than the materialistic comforts.

I can confidently say about myself, that your write up has shaken me up, and from now on the way I look towards the impoverished people will be totally different.

rashmi singh said...

Thanx Himanshu.Infact there are so many aspects of "life" which we very conveniently and knowingly "don't try to understand"-though we know them.you know- giving a "lovely smile" itself to an underprivileged baby with running nose playing on the roadside can be more precious than million dollars!!!

thanx once again!

jyoti arora said...

Hi Rashmi
Just read your post. So true to life. We all feel their pain, and yet there's little one does. The irony.
Love, Jyoti. Take care.

ऋतु सिंह said...

I rarely read a post on any blog.And I am too lazy to post anything on my blog too.But at the moment I saw the topic..I thought..I should go through it once and see..what exactly this blog holds for people.
Wonderful expression of thoughts..in a flow..with examples..b'fully depicted alongwith appropriate words.I appreciate you for writing this..!!

dr manoj jain said...

dear rashmi bhabhi
this is the hidden part of your talent that we didn't know rather never tried to know.you are still charming as usual.After going thru the write up i am sure that i would try to be more compassionate to my patients .
dr manoj jain

rashmi singh said...

Thanx dr Manoj.Actually you have been continually a mental support to me along with mala.do you remember "my accident" on hills!you hd adopted whatever possible means available then to leave me "unscarred"-mentally nd physically!mala ws horrified nd tho not a doc nursed me thru n thru-so there is compassion in everyone's heart but they don't realize!AND thanx for calling me "charming as ever"!!!yes if my blog is of any help to you i am really happy!

Ruchika said...

dats really gud ma'am...
u have revealed d truth of life through ur blog. Simply loved ur piece of writing. Its awesome... :)

rashmi singh said...

Thanx jyoti for feeling the compassion and appreciating my work!

Ritu i must say u are a very-very talented person yourself-this is what i perceive!Thanx for your beautiful perception of my blog

Ruchika-when u were with me in 10,11,nd 12 u were like a shining star- personality full of serenity and brilliance!No one can stop u from reaching the epitome of success-the best part in u is that u hv immense faith in me-god bless!

ऋतु सिंह said...

Only an Artist can appreciate in such b'ful words. :)) I am honoured. :))

Rajesh Patel said...

Mam.. First i wolud like to thanx for your encouraging words to put a comments for your beatifully written words.. May this small rivelute becomes perennial Ganga which keeps all its followers intact with the feeleeing of humaneness,campassion and
camaraderie which you advocated for . About this blog i would... say it is a wonderfully interwoven words which depicts the
current callous attitude of our so called 'civilisd Humans'. you have articulated your words with '.panache' as you yourself are....The usage of Human and Humane is simply superb
rather outstanding .Your feeling towards those girls are also appriciable as in this era of fast comminication where whole world has shriked to a meshed town with so many ways of interconnecting physically... only
but our feeling have taken differnt route for themselves {woh hindi me kahte hai na " bheed main bhe akela''} now we hardly feels for our nearones ..forget about the proletarians rather we are not having enogh time to do the pertinent in life ! the real idea for which we are here is that the amelioration of Human Kind .
Plz keeps us motivatiing like this Mamm......

One of your sishyas
Rajesh Patel

rashmi singh said...

Rajesh i must say you are an extremely talented,sincere, a pleasant man and an officer!However i always treated u more like a family member than connecting with the place of ur work.I do not generally communicate with everyone though i am pleasant with all-nothing costs a smile!first let me thank u for the beautiful adjectives, used even more beautifully for me !An NIT Krukshetra pass out will never look back!!!moreover start penning down ur feelings nd emotions-it helps to overcome gloomy dark ways of life.being li'l selfish i'd say do sumthing for ur soul-didn't i do despite of all comforts offered to me! i know ur job scenario and what can be better than writing! Once again thanx for the beautiful words used for me!

Rajesh Patel said...

Again... Mam I am honoured by your benignant gesture.
I will start a fresh under your tutelage Mam . Thanks for reminding me ....my alma mater that is RECK .(Now NIT K) .those days were elysian least to say..
woh khoki... woh bok ...cc.. 6N.
and ofcouse ... GH

Rajesh Patel

Jatin said...

sO...GoOd...Nd pRaCtIcAl...rEaLly...Gr8.. 1 mAm...
jatin :)

rashmi singh said...

shalini i am sorry for not replying to ur comment-thanx for ur beautiful words used for me-i feel honoured!

rajesh, once again i thank u for showing confidence in me!

jatin-so u liked it?great! ex students when appreciate, a teacher certainly feels elated and happy!thanx for going thru the post-may god bless!

Ayushree Nandan said...

How true!!
I seriously agree with it. :)
That's soo kind and compassionate of you that you bother about these things even TODAY!! :D
I mean Today nobody even gives a damn to these things and you write a WHOLE page on compassion and exposing love for others. =]
Wow Momma!! :PP
I'm sure one day we all would definitely start showing gratitude for each other if this beautiful process goes on by some really caring and sweet people like you.:)
And yeah even we would make sure of these things.xD