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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Psychic Psychos – by Rashmi Singh

Published On: Thu, Dec 20th, 2012

The Psychic Psychos – by Rashmi Singh


Today, suddenly in the class, one girl, of D.P.S. Faridabad stood up and asked me. “Ma’am why we are demanding justice only in this case? Why not for all the 600 rape cases committed in the buses of Delhi?” I did not know at that time whether her facts and figures were correct or incorrect but I was certainly dumb! I had no answer. But I collected my senses, as being a teacher I had to give an answer- an answer which should seem little feasible. I replied, “Probably because we are finally coming to this realization that after all we are not animals but humans!” And to my disbelief she agreed.
Lately I have been getting mails of psychic men who think that I should refrain from writing on topics which are highly debatable and can actually lead me to trouble! According to them, I am trying to invite unnecessary problems. I should, they say, continue doing what I was doing- write novels and very unashamedly the said person has written I should explicitly harp on the sex scenes to make the books more sale able. I was stunned at the audacity of this animal existing in our society in a guise of a man! When the entire nation is crying over the barbarous act of a bus driver and his mates in Delhi, this man is trying to derive pleasure by virtually trying to thwart a woman mentally.
Actually the email had gone into the ‘spam’ of my id. Today, I casually checked the junk box, and I got to read something which was shameful to the hilt. He had tried all possible means to hurt me but I being a seasoned Writer and a Counselor could easily sense his motive- motive to hurt me!
The ‘feeling of supposed hurt’ probably gave him a ‘feel of superiority’ for sure as I had blocked him on all my personal pages, but he continues making different id’s and keeps landing on them. But this made me to realise ‘Yes! He is the one. He is the one who should be dragged out and publicly hanged!’ Probably my outburst of emotion was a direct repercussion of the Gang Rape of Delhi. The girl’s condition, we all know is unimaginably, unbearably painful. I cannot sleep at nights thinking what will after all happen to her? Even if she survives, what about her mental state? We all know this that ‘it is she and she only who has to suffer throughout her life’ But still I am praying for her speedy recovery though I am also dying in parts with her.
There have been many incidents in our country earlier too but still we just talk/shout and forget!  In this case it is said that since the criminals were from slums and uneducated, hence they committed such ‘rarest of the rare rape’. But what about the women who everyday at their workplaces, homes and at other places of importance are being subjugated to sexual perversions. Some survive and some die…
Rashmi SinghNo one can put a stop to third rated porn sites but certainly we all can counsel and train our children. It is not only the children of slum who need sex education and awareness. The children of affluent societies should also be made aware of the repercussion of inhumanly deeds and that money of their parents can in no way be a savior if they, only to satisfy their whims and fancies lay hands on any woman- their parents’ money can in no way make them escape the punishment they deserve of their heinous crimes-. All should have fear- fear of law.
It has been almost three days of the brutal gang rape and I have been dying mentally bit by bit thinking about the psychic onslaughts of psychos and in all this a message floated in my inbox describing the physical condition of the girl and asking justice for her. After reading it I could not sleep, eat or think coherently. The message said, entire her life the Doctors say the victim will have to depend on her parents’ to feed her as her intestines had faced serious damage and has been taken out -but only if she survives. Nobody till now has seen such barbarous act. I am suppressing my tears though at the same time I know, I have to smile, look good, cook and do other necessary things of life, as life has to move and it will move… with India playing cricket with England, Modi reveling at his victory- everything once again will come back to track except the girl’s parents’ life.. her life..
About the Author:
Rashmi Singh is the author of famous books Love’s Journey, The Fallen Love, Taming the Restless Mind and Back to School @30. She is also a Personality Development-Soft Skills Trainer, Counselor based at Faridabad.

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