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Monday, January 14, 2013

But They Are Just Juveniles… Juvenile Animals! by Rashmi Singh

Published On: Mon, Jan 14th, 2013

But They Are Just Juveniles… Juvenile Animals! by Rashmi Singh

“MIND OF A MAN is always active and fabricating
something. Even in its hibernation, it creates imaginative
zones, arenas where it ventures whenever it has time or
will to do so” Taming the Restless Mind.
Juvenile-Justice-Act in IndiaSo many thoughts are invading my mind these days. I have been also blamed for thinking from a woman’s point of view- fighting only for a woman’s cause. But I would let all to know, I am not a Feminist. In my fiction, ‘The Fallen Love’, I fought for the protagonist Rohan Dixit. All I want to say, I can’t tutor my heart. It is my heart which decides, which way I have to sail- it is my heart which feels the pain and associates itself with pain of the masses. And these days my mind and heart both have decided not to be practical.
There are so many areas to be ventured into, but my poor desolate mind gets stationed at one point-I am not able to forget the barbarous act of the Delhi Gang Rape. Though I know this that ‘it’ is not the only heinous incident happening around us as everyday news of revolting, abhorrent, unspeakable sexual abuse on small children, especially girls are being reported. I am then made to think that these children were too small to wear any provocative dress then why they were brutally assaulted? I am not able to retrieve my numb senses which are somewhere lost in the mass pain of all the mothers beating their breasts and lamenting, waiting for justice which has lost its path in the foggy, gloomy road of offensive selfishness.
 When justice in the Delhi Gang Rape is moving at snail’s speed even with the entire country coming forward in unison to protest against the apathy of administration, Government and people on road, then how can we expect that a child being murdered and sexually assaulted in a remote corner of any remote village gets her/his justice? How can we expect the child’s mother to breathe a single sigh of relief and believe that though her child, quartered by the fangs of animals hidden in our society, has meted with fair judgment and the culprit animals have been chained and lashed publicly! But if a proposal of such kind is made i.e. to publicly hang the culprits, then the Spokesperson of Human Rights would float on the scene, saying ‘if they are animals, we can’t become one!’ Okay then sit back in the comfort zones of your home and watch your children being snatched by the demons. Don’t kill these inhuman wretches. Fight for the ‘Human Rights’ of ‘Animals’. Try to make them human and while trying to do so let the ‘so called civilized jungle of humans’ breed more such animals to devour the innocents.
By deeds such culprits are hard core animals but when the time of justice comes, they are either ‘A Juvenile’ or ‘A Human’ who can’t be punished in full view of public. In fact they can’t be even given the punishment which they deserve due to their criminal pervert acts as they are juvenile!
We all expect a mother to brave the words of her dying daughter. The brave daughter  told her how the juvenile animal had inserted and pushed a rod into her up till her ribs, yanking it out with her intestines, lecherously shouting ‘mar saali’! This mother only wants justice, no money, nothing else! This mother’s mind fails to understand that how can a person doing such deed be a child?? She asks us all this question and huddles under old blanket in a cot. But we are humans and we have to behave like one! And even if animals rape and kill our children, the law expects us to be patient, calm and behave like humans and lets the Juveniles behave like animals!
Rashmi Singh AuthorWe all know that law can be changed but only if those in power want to change…. The discussion is going on… The talks are going on… We are just silent Spectators, waiting and watching. Watching when breaths of all the grieving mothers would come to halt….with justice…or with long wait laced with injustice becoming their graves….
About the Author: Rashmi Singh is the author of famous books Love’s Journey, The Fallen Love, Taming the Restless Mind and Back to School @30. She is also a Personality Development-Soft Skills Trainer, Counselor based at Faridabad. Follow Rashmi Singh @ goodsread or https://www.facebook.com/Rashmii.S

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