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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rashmi Singh Author (Biography)

  Rashmi Singh Author (Biography) 
 AS PUBLISHED ON 18th Feb 2013 @  http://matpal.com
Rashmi Singh is a Faridabad based successful author, best known for her novel, Love’s Journey, published by Pustak Mahal in 2011.

Rashmi Singh is a multi faceted genius. She is a columnist, writer, poetess, blogger, motivator, excellent portrait painter, and a very successful author. Her blogs, with write ups on self improvement and beautiful poems can be found on Riviera, and Lost Tranquility which is visible in the Asia section of an International website http://news.net

Originally she belongs to Patna and is the first woman writer from Bihar to write English fictions and self help books. Having done her initial schooling from Notre Dame Academy, Patna, she passed her I.C.S.E. exams from Loreto Convent, Ranchi. Later she graduated in Political Science from Patna Women’s College (Avila Convent). Singh was also the elected Joint Secretary of her college but as she belonged to a conservative royal Rajput family, she was married quite early and with marriage came endless responsibilities, curbing her talents and her expressions to define herself. During school days, she would spend hours after the dismissal to practice dramas but all such expressions were shut upon her after marriage. They only then found space in her diaries, which she never left writing. Rashmi initially tried to curb her expressions and wanted to live life as any other housewife but her hidden talents could not be forever subjugated.

She continued to pursue her studies after marriage. She had to face extreme difficult situations but successfully completed her post graduation in Political Science from Vinoba Bhave University (Hazaribag), where her husband was then posted as a Telecom District Manager. Thereafter, she did Masters in Business
Administration (Human Resources, IGNOU) and also secured a Certificate of Teaching English (CTE) from IGNOU. Problems of life could never deter her. There were breaks in her life but after every break, she emerged even stronger and resilient.

A passionate writer, Rashmi Singh has taught English at Senior Secondary level in various renowned schools across India, like St. Mary’s Senior Secondary Convent

(Moradabad), K.C.M. School (Moradabad), Mt Carmel School (Hazaribag), Amar Singh Children’s School (Gorakhpur). She has been associated with Manav Rachna Schools, Faridabad, and GBN School, Faridabad as a Counsellor and a Personality Development Trainer. She had been also the honorary member of Central School’s Teachers Selection Committee (Moradabad). The most interesting part of her teaching career has been till yet that in every Institution, she was offered the post first, employed and then was asked to submit her certificates. People were generally enamored by her scintillating innocent personality, coupled with intelligence.

This strong willed writer has written four books. Two fictions, Love’s Journey (Pustak Mahal) and The Fallen Love(Pigeon Books), and two self help books, Taming the Restless Mind and Back to School@30, both published by Pustak Mahal Publishers. Love’s Journey is already a big hit and Taming the Restless Mind has found its place in World catalogue(CAT).

Love’s Journey was conceptualized almost a decade back when she had to leave her studies to look after her family, but finally the book got its true shade in 2011. Rashmi always believed in life’s positivity and though several times being mentally disturbed, she sprang back on the platform of life with flying colours.
Being a true motivator, Singh thus wrote the self help books to help others from her experiences of life. Writing quenches her incessant thirst of knowledge and emotions.

She has been highly acclaimed for delving into human minds and breathing life to the characters of her novels. Her novels can be termed bold, but she has the courage to peep into the dark corners of human mind. Her fifth book and a historical fiction about a yesteryear’s ruler’s reign, power, lust and passion is expected early next year.

Rashmi Singh has two children, son Apurva Nandan and a daughter Ayushree Nandan.

Her books can be bought from:

http://www.flipkart.com/author/rashmi-singh (Top 4 books)

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