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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love's Journey by Rashmi Singh- An Unforgettable Experience!(Pustak Mahal Publishers)

Ashamed at her own act which she had earlier performed so many times for the shoots unashamedly, Jennie only wished desperately for Vasan to come into senses. Her son’s broken whimpering was eating her away. Her hands went involuntary to her breasts to feel the droplets of milk staining her brassiere. She took out the soiled bra and silently let it slip on the carpet to become almost naked. Shambhu Vasan, yes, she was sleeping with Shambhu Vasan, the famous Director of the Indian Film Industry. A man in his late forties, unmarried,living alone in a palatial bungalow with a battery of servants at Juhu. But ironically though ‘sleeping’ with one of the most successful man of the trade, she did not know when good luck would
knock her fate. “Ughhh,” the man beside her groaned loudly, the foul smell from his mouth enveloping the bed. ‘Dhamm’, one fat hand came and fell on her pearly breasts. Covering her nose instinctively, Jennie did not make any effort to remove his hand and was amazed at her own bitchy behaviour. Her own selfishness for her child was making her do things which she, Jennifer Sebastian, would have never, in her wildest of dreams, imagined doing earlier...@http://www.facebook.com/pages/Loves-Journey/144234218983030
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Friday, July 1, 2011

AN UNBELEVABLE EXTRACT: Love's Journey by Rashmi Singh/Pustak Mahal Publishers

The real life scene was both hilarious and pathetic. The girl was blaming the new actor in the supporting role, trying to act smart and fresh with her. They both were hurling filthy
abuses at each other. “You motherfucker, don’t you try your dirty hands on me – I’m gonna suck the breath out of you! What do you mean by pinching my ass?” She growled at him, her big eyes
almost bulging out. “Hey hold on, who the fuck do you think you are huh – pinching your bloody old sagging ass – who is interested?” He retaliated almost the same way, “You fucking asshole. Go and
enter some dog’s ass, so that he licks your bloody body craving for sex.” He seemed to be quite satisfied with his backfire, and looked at the gaping audience as though he had conquered the
Everest. He further continued his unimaginable tirade, “Rape you – who’ll rape you? Have you seen yourself, you blithering idiot. My ill luck that I have been pitched against you, you old haggard stinking bitch.” He continued showing his immense knowledge of the subject.

The clamouring spectators had by now thoroughly started enjoying the scene and in fact were cheering them up; deciding their own sides to be reckoned with! This was certainly too much for Jennifer, who as a newcomer had not the one-thousandth of the courage as these youngsters were displaying. “You filthy bastard, you were even trying to put your hands in my bra and pinch, you rascal, I’ll see
you. And who has gone old – me or you? And yes, how do you know about sagging asses? Oh . . . I forgot, after all you get all the oldies to fuck.” Jennie sat on a chair, shocked, unable to comprehend the
real scene, completely appalled, remembering her days, when her young body too was badly scrounged by almost everyone on the sets, whoever had a chance! “Hey guys c’mon – wassup? C’mon get ready for your shots,”The dominating Director commanded and the transformation was magical. The recent wrestlers had suddenly transformed into amiable friends.....FROM LOVE'S JOURNEY

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