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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anger-The Deluge.Save yourself-Save Humanity!


When this earth was created,along with it, many creatures too were given existence by "The Unknown Superior" who IS believed ,to have the power to give forms to his CREATIONS.A wonderful spectrum of SPECTACULAR SPECIES were given shape,gifted with amazing qualities leaving the Universe bedazzled! Mountains,valleys, brooks, rivieras,scented landscapes,each and everything inviting the curiosity of the species germinating,taking shapes on it. BUT THIS IS THE POETIC VERSION OF IT-ESPECIALLY OF A POET WHO PERCEIVES BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING.

HOWEVER EVERYTHING HAS A NEGATIVE ASPECT OF IT TOO-like we can say every coin has two sides! When this Universe was created,along with it Deadly Demons like snakes,crocodiles,scorpions, and Deadly Attitudes like lust,greed,jealousy,fear,and to top the list,ANGER WAS CREATED!!!

There are many aspects of daily life which need attention but the most prevalent one is Anger seen amongst people- in fact the worst sufferers of this deadly demon is THE CURRENT GENERATION.A small incident of annoyance make them to take irreparable grievous actions.We can say that this society is paying its price of success-with every step of advancement we are seeing two steps which are leading us to primitive ways of life!Anger is a strong emotion;a feeling that is oriented towards some real or supposed grievance.Underlying anger is caused by a perceived loss of control over factors affecting important values.The values maybe pride,love,loss of some prized possession or even to such trivial matter as to getting to any place at fixed and desired time-the failure of which leads to untoward consequences.

Actually it is not necessary that ANGER IS ALWAYS VOCAL-ITS CONSEQUENCES HOWEVER IS ALWAYS BLATANT!Sometimes Anger brews surreptitiously and constantly, suddenly resulting in volcanic eruptions  where we see people killing,torturing their own loved ones,maligning the strands of trust and love as they are not able to stand some acts of theirs which they perceive as undesired-repentance however follows but is it of any use?It is not only the victim who suffers but this one moment of anger costs the offender's entire life!Even if he is able to manipulate and escape legal punishment, HE CAN NEVER ESCAPE THE PUNISHMENT INFLICTED ON HIM BY HIS MIND AND SOUL

I am not suggesting a complete do-away with anger.it is an inherent quality found in all the creatures surviving here-I am only suggesting that Anger should be channelized effectively to give positive result! Now this statement can be baffling and my readers can ask ,"How Anger can be positive? TO THEM MY ANSWER IS- IT ENERGIZES US TO FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE OR WHEN PHYSICALLY ATTACKED-BUT THIS SITUATION TOO IS GENERALLY MISUSED-like we see rage shown on roads,against teachers,parents,peers etc There are common measures too almost known by all of us, to curb this deadly outburst of volcanic nature( most of us just shrug it off and don't take it seriously)-like practising meditation and yoga to fight back this lethal demon .So all in all I must say that we have to put a check on this negative quality of humans to make it a better place so that all the existing species can at least live in a harmonious halo of love ,affection,benevolence,peace,and the most important one-UNDERSTANDING SO THAT WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES FROM UNKNOWN MURKY DELUGE TRYING TO OVERPOWER OUR MINDS.... AND THIS WE CAN SURELY DO!

Manifestations And  Suggestions On How To Overcome Anger Will Be Given In The Next Post.
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Ayushree Nandan said...

Wow,What a point.I'm totally amazed.
You have been so right during all this process of making us to see this 'Anger Stuff' with a clear vision through your post.Yeah,We should definitely try to control our angry emotions to save the Beautiful Humanity and escape hundred days of sorrow.:)

shivani said...

Agreed to all you have to say...follow it i have to practice...as you say Yoga/meditation...but for starters i choose not to react now to situations that cause anger.So maybe it is age that has mellowed me down but hey it also works.Many a times we don't act rather react and you have given a solution...thanks

mini said...

I like your piece on the most prevalent vice that we all humans possess. I agree with your solution that channelizing it to a positive direction surely works. I can say this from personal experience. And yoga and meditation works great in achieving this positiveness. Thanks much for educating us and reminding us of the most commonly practiced vice and easiest of all..."ANGER".

rashmi singh said...

Thanx Ayushree,Shivani,and Mini.Thanx a lot for going thru my post.
Mini,I have also gone thru outbursts of anger and it is of no use at all.It only leads to streams of pains.Yes but if positively used it can be at times beneficial so it is better to calm down at "that moment" and use our acumen.
We all kno abt yoga n meditation but only few are practising.If my write is anyway helpful I am really happy!

umashankar said...

Anger is an institution. It is one of the significant pillars of the society. What else would ensure justice to a Jessica Lall, a Priyadarshini Mattoo, A Satendra Dubey, A Manoj Kumar Gupta, a Naina Sahni, scores of hapless children and women of Nithari....

rashmi singh said...

Great Umashankar!Infact I hve pointed out that anger can be used positively against injustice-but sometimes excess of it can be really harmful,so it should be used in a channelized way. I am coming to it in my next post which is on one of the heinous crimes of the social-set up of humanity-wait for few days and thanx for going thru my post!

Anonymous said...
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