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Sunday, May 27, 2012

'Aish', Aishwarya , 'Ainak' And Laptop Nannies

'Aish', Aishwarya , 'Ainak' And Laptop Nannies

First of all I must plead sorry to my readers for offending their sentiments and not actually being here except  for advertising about my novels and books. SORRY! But now I promise I'll be here quite often with my ideas and 'say'.

Now to begin with....in fact I do not know from where to begin with.. as so much has literally happened in the past one year in which I had absconded. Many people requested me to be back but I became a little selfish and kept myself to my books and their promotion and my first 'love' suffered'...Sorry my first and true love... really sorry.

Recently a  joke traveled on my 'bbm' . Just wanted to share. "Previously every man wanted his wife to be like Aishwarya but now Aishwarya has become like every man's wife". Now I do not understand why people take so much dig if any actress blows out of proportion. Isn't she a human? What do we expect them to be? I feel there are more important things to talk about rather to talk about Lara Datta's, Shilpa Shetty's Ashwarya's babies.. and Aishwarya's post pregnancy weight but if  all these do  bring zest to your drooling unhappy lives..well then you can go on as I do not want to curtail anyone's share of happiness...

We can perhaps talk about so many plane crashes  taking around the Universe. But  IPL and Shahrukh's misbehaviour , Zohal's boyfriend's Sahil's brawl with Australian Cricketer   Luke Pomersbach making her overnight celebrity and then out of court settlement actually are not letting us to do what we want! http://www.mid-day.com/sports/2012/may/240512-IPL-molestation-case-Charges-against-Pomersbach-dropped.htm