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Monday, August 9, 2010


Sex Was Younger Always!!!

Rummaging through newspaper stack to see if anything important wasn't drifting as the "Kabadiwala" was waiting outside my house to get his,"valuable scrap",l happened to chance upon an article by Indrani Rajkhowa Banerjee in Sunday Supplement of Times of India,in Life Style  Section of Delhi edition,25th July ,stating that sex has gone younger.

Going through it as I am an avid reader, and start reading anything,anywhere which draws my interest ,I gaped foolishly at the  prestigious newspaper gloriously boasting the writer's naive and callous research on  current Indian generation's lifestyle  published under such a famous and reputed column!!!

Few names which were not to be disclosed, few incidents which had no authenticity, quotes of some odd Psychologists/Psychiatrist ,laced , peppered seasoned with flavor of sex ,exciting people out  of their wits  AND THE STYLISH ARTICLE WAS COMPLETE!!!

Sex according to the writer has gone younger but then she is under illusion-it was always younger but under wraps.The only thing which I agree is that now the present generation (but that too only in metros and we all know that without small towns India is incomplete.)is trying to be bold with their parents and trying to come clean in their relationships stating that marriage is not on the cards i.e. if in a relationship it does not mean they have to get married

Almost about twenty years back when I was in school I remember reading a love letter of one of my friends during lunch break with other class-mates,while she was out on the courts to practice basketball.We had quietly sneaked into the classroom , surreptitiously read her letter oozing out sheer passion and clandestinely  kept  the letter back again in her bag.But that whole night we all four friends who intruded her privacy could not sleep-not because we had broken some rules of morality as we were too young only thirteen or fourteen to think about all such things but because the words written in the wonderful letter were creating luscious webs in our minds.They had obviously necked,smooched and were planning to do more but the boy had to move with his parents to Mumbai.Now at least I don't think all such encounters even in those days resulted  in marriages .AND INDRANI HAS WRITTEN such things are now recent lifestyle emerging especially among teens ,aged fourteen or fifteen!!!

Another example is of our Bollywood actor Om Puri's sexy liason with his maid in fifties when he was only 14 or 15.This fact was put up by his wife who wrote his biography.In fact Om was traumatized by this leakage of his personal life! 

Shouldn't before writing flowery articles under lifestyle section,a columnist  like Indrani,gauge her responsibilities? And why to forget the five year old MMS clip which ruined the lives of two teenagers of a reputed school of Delhi, engaged in oral sex.

Moreover it is stated that teenagers these days do not take all such sex encounters seriously and it is as good as for them as for going for shopping -if it works it is alright, but if it doesn't they switch on to other encounters!Can I ask the lady then why so many suicides are taking place in which mainly their partners are blamed for torturing mentally and leading them to paths of death? Why even high profile models like Nafisa Joseph and Viveka Babaji in their suicide notes blamed their boyfriends!If relationships are like shopping,they could have easily shopped at other shops-why did they have to end their lives?

As coming to the age of oral and vaginal sex,which she has been stated  by her as 18-19 years-I AGAIN DO NOT AGREE-about twenty years back too,I heard my friends discussing this aspect in a hush-hush manner.And if they wanted to do,they did! Only as I have stated earlier,it was kept under wraps, just like rapes which was committed even a decade before but people now are not ashamed at complaining about it and are seeking justice.It is natural that with the passage of time we will get broad minded but that doesn't mean that EMOTIONS AND SENTIMENTS DO NOT EXIST-SO ANY COLUMNIST BEFORE PRODUCING ANY JUICY COLUMN SHOULD CHECK THEIR RESPONSIBILITY AND SHOULD NOT TRY TO SELL THEIR COMMODITY BY EXCITING THE MINDS OF COMMON, SIMPLE PEOPLE OF INDIA.



kushi said...

Extremely well written.. and depicts a real scenario where actually we as Indians have pushed things under the carpet.tat did not mean it dint exist...

rashmi singh said...

Thanks kushi for the appreciation-u know it always existed-and exists now too-but r overlooked!ppl are still emotional.casual flings existed then too nd now as well but serious ones shouldnt be neglected.

Anonymous said...

I agree.Three or four weeks ago even I and one of my friends had a discussion on this.And she was like..."No..it's happening now but it never used to happen in older days." Well certainly her mind has been still running in the same direction due to these columns because even she believes that parents should kill their kids if they get involved in physical interaction with their beloved ones.AND I WAS SHOCKED WHILE HEARING ALL THIS.
Of course emotions and sentiments still exist.It's just the thing that earlier people used to do these things under wrap but not now!!
Very nicely written.

Debasish Roy said...

The objections are not very clearly put out. Was the write-up shallow or was it wrong? Was is the blogger trying to say?

rashmi singh said...

Actually first you'll have to read the times of India article AS MENTIONED IN THE BLOG and then comment. I have only tried to comment on what they have written in such a SHALLOW WAY OR perhaps your brain is not working.The blogger is simply trying to say the sex factor was always there and it is nothing new in our society-only previously it was under the wraps.I think you are somewhat in awe of the said columnist and agrees to whatever Indrani puts!!!!